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Everyone else has one, why not me?
In a recent boredom spree, I’ve found making planets, and giving them back stories is a lot of fun, the game “Freelancer” inspired this. (I highly recommend this game, and it’s like $10 anywhere.)

And on another note, I have lizards! Three actually.

Meet Tequila:
The adorable Cresty!
Tequila is a New Caledonia Crested Gecko. And he wasn’t cheap! MY biggest mistake was not reading up on cresties, as it turns out, they’re nocturnal! And now I don’t sleep at night…

Meet Nina:
Not slimy, but very shiny! @_@
Nina is trouble. She’s an Oscillated Skink, and those legs of hers serve no purpose beyond balance. Basically, if she’s happy, she bites. Hard.

And tiny Arthur!
He’s so tiny he can’t even fit around my finger!
Arthur is lazy, plump, and tiny. I caught him out of the wild. Big mistake, now he’s in a stage of depression. I need to find him a female horned lizard, he just kinda pines away as-is…

I like your lizards again. My bro is a herp freak, so he could prolly identify all of them withouts the names. Skinks are awsome. XD

I’m not really feeling the planets though. Something about them just doesn’t look…good.

They’re Kinda Blank of any excitement…

I love it :smiley: The planets are cool.

Right good idea…
Let’s fuck up the whole system’s gravity equilibrium because the planet was a bastard. =)
Seriously… I am not sure what feeding a star a planet that big would do, but I AM sure that that would SERIOUSLY fuck up the solar system.

Oh fuck yea. Like the massive planet just plowing into the star, couldn’t that destroy it?

The textures don’t seem to wrap around them, and the lighting isn’t very realistic. :wink:

The stories and descriptions are very interesting, though…

I was bored recently so I decided to make another planet. I’m so sorry. :wink:
I tried much harder to make the planet look more 3D and planet-like, even though still cartoony. I’ve applied a ton of my photoshop knowledge to this project, so critique is very welcome. Also, clouds!

Profile: Planet Baelus (Pron. Bay-loose) AKA “Planet Whiplash”

Diameter: 37,962km at the equator.
Terrain: Primarily grasslands with scattered shrubbery and forest.
Temperature Range: Seasonal, -32c to 121c
Life Support: Prime Candidate Atmospherically.

In 4.5 Billion years, our sun will expand and the earth will burn. The human race will have scattered across several galaxies by then, but Earth is always remembered.
When the sun did expand, humans felt the need for a great revival. They searched long and hard for planets habitable, matching the Earth in as many ways as possible. A few were found, but one was favored.
Baelus looked to be a dream planet for the revival, the planet was probed and scanned, it turned up to be the most welcoming planet ever, and geographers and scientists wondered how such a planet was overlooked.

It featured everything earth had. Drinkable water, breathable air, all landmass was flourishing and green. Within a matter of a few weeks upon discovery the planet had colonies, and soon cities. Within the rush of the revival spirit, several observational protocols had been missed.
The planet had been discovered at it’s most opportunistic time, unknown by it’s inhabitants, the planet had an incredibly oblong orbit around it’s sun.
As months past; the planet got cooler and cooler, it’s inhabitants were still high on the excitement of the revivalist spirit that it concerned no one, even after the days high temperatures were -12*c at best, everyone figured it was just like old Earth’s winter.
The planet’s orbit was slowing down dramatically, and soon it had come to a complete stop, tremors shook the planet’s surface when suddenly, the planet rocketed off back towards it’s sun. All inhabitants on the side facing the sun were flattened by the sudden immense gravity increase and then flung off as the planet slowed, all inhabitants on the twilight sides of the planet were flung to the back, and all the inhabitants on the nighttime side of the planet were flung into open space.
Overall only three inhabitants survived the ordeal, each with severe whiplash syndrome over every muscle in their body, one described the experience as “It was like being on a bucking-bull the size of a planet!”

In the end over 25 million people died. No miscalculation has ever been so severe as this, and Terraformers now have a standard policy that planets will be observed for five rotations of it’s standard orbit before any terraforming may begin.
The planet however has inspired many theme park rides, and even “I survived Planet Whiplash, and all I got was this stupid T-shirt” T-shirts.
Even the planet itself is becoming an adventure hot-spot, daredevils in supportive skeletal suits and spacesuits will land on the face of the planet just as it’s about to launch off back at the sun, to be flung millions of miles across space before an escort comes and picks them up.

xD awesome.

New Planet
As my momma always said, practice makes perfect.

Lots of flinging hath occurred 'pon Baelus.

you did that just using photoshop? :frowning:

i got photoshop and i have no idea what any effects do…

3 straight hours using only photoshop, yes.
I must have read every space effect tutorial on the internet…

I have to say that that cartony looking planet is very reminiscent of the Tales franchise…spesifically Vesperia but I don’t know how many of you know what that is…

I dunno why I didn’t mention this half a year ago, but the cartoony looking planet’s clouds don’t look anything like clouds on a real planet. I love these, though :astonished:

The old ones were for fun, this latest one I tried to make look as good as I knew how.…ill_by_Yeil.png

My attempt at a black hole.
Constructively criticize please!

Black holes attract all matter/energy. That includes light… so why does the planet still look round? Why are the stars behind it still evenly spread out dots? Right now it looks like Saturn was painted black and decided to shoot a meteor at the camera… And it’s on fire <.<

If it’s gonna be a black hole, make it more powerful. And awesome.

That looks too spin-y to be a black hole to me :frowning:

Infin, that’s a really nice “movie” black hole, it might not follow, err, physics, but still <_<

Well, a singularity is like impossible to see. But here is my version → .