Help for any of my upcoming games

Nobody I know or anybody else knows about so- called “yearly” projects(Or not yet, atleast).
MIII(SM remake)
And Mega Man and Sonic games
SAdvance 4
S3&K Extended Edition
Anyway, I request help for any game of u’r(members or or pre-members of this forum)
So please contact me soon if u r willing 2 help for my first finshed game.
And best of all(maybe) wich game u choose and I don’t even mind if u want me 2 help with 1 of u’r’s.
So, PLEASE help me.

Also, don’t spread yourself too thin across so many projects.

Also, don’t type like a retarded spider monkey.

Also, if you can’t even use BBCode (or readable English, for that matter), how can you expect to program a game?

Daz is right about that, because no one want’s to do all the work now do they and plus don’t ask for help it may make people think that you can’t handle all the fangames you intend to make. So put some screen shots up here and then people may want to help.

Do you know how to make a sprites or anything like that?

I can see already u’r not gonna be much help.
Thanks 4 the tips anyway.
I know u r but wat am I?

I can make sprites even WITHOUT grid lines.
Actully, now that I think about it,
I don’t even know y I requested help here when
I can ask non- forum member.
Plus all I really want help with is the engine.

Also, don’t double post.

Also, what do grid lines have to do with anything? Plenty of spriters never use them, myself included.

Also, don’t insult the admin. At least, I THINK that’s what you tried to do there. It didn’t make much sense, but I don’t see what else it could’ve meant.

Also, when I said that the rules insist (and I do, too) that you type legibly, I meant it.

Also, also is a fun word. :3

Ok, let me help you out with understanding the situation:

Dear Metroid360,
You are obviously a complete idiot. You are absolutely talentless, and you have no idea what you’re doing. All of your projects, which you haven’t even started past the point of planning, and probably not even to the point of planning, are going to fail. Go learn how to type, and stop bragging about some fucking gridlines. I can scribble on a paper blindfolded, but that doesn’t make me a good artist, does it? After you are capable of comprehending what it means to make a game, and you are willing to put in a chunk of your own work, come back here and see if anyone is willing to help. Since you are such an obvious moron, however, you might as well bother leaving and never coming back.

PS I’d like to accentuate the fact that you’re fuller of yourself than a black hole. You’re not hot shit. Shut up and get out.

Normally I’d suspend you or something for that, but seeing as he replied to my complaint about his rulebreaking with a set of posts breaking three rules at once, I think I’ll let you slide on that one with just a minor warning. >_>

i have something to add… this was originally directed toward me, but i think it will work well with this situation. dont warn me because im just simply quoting another thing tim said

Why do people think saying “don’t warn me” makes them immune to warns? Regardless of who originally said it, all you’re using it for here is to dogpile and flame someone who’s already been yelled at enough. I’d just delete it ordinarily and leave you be, but that you had the audacity to proclaim yourself immune like that? No thank you. Warn’d by one level. ._.

quite frankly, i told you that the words didn’t belong to me. Why should i be warned for something i didn’t say?

besides that, you didnt even warn him when he originally posted it directed at me and now your warning me for just quoting it? that doesn’t make any fucking sense.

if there is something im doing thats making you bias towards me, then just say it. picking on me like this isn’t going to make it better, whatever it might be…

and, also, for future reference, dont be so shrewd when you start criticizing people. you can say all the things you usually do without the “You/That sucks” voice. most people dont enjoy it.


You were flaming. Flaming, in any form, is against the rules.

I didn’t warn him for the initial saying because it wasn’t a major enough flame to warrant that, and it was only part of a post, not the entirety, and it was posted as his own opinion, not as a quote simply to gang up on someone who’s already been thoroughly bashed.

I don’t administrate based on bias against people. I do it based on their actions, and if one person racks up more punishable actions than someone else, that does not mean I am biased against them; it only means they break more rules.

(By the way, if you have to say “please don’t warn me for this”, that’s a good indication you know it’s a possibly warnable offense, and thus probably shouldn’t be said to begin with)

Metroidfan360, I think it’s safe to say nobody here is going to help you with your projects. Good luck though. >___>

Hey, who knows? If we actually had any details about them, someone might be interested. >_>

Daz, is the 20% warn Tim has because of his post up there? If you didn’t warn him for that, I could see how he thought you were being biased, heh.

10% of it is. Same amount as I gave HP.

Only Tim’s flaming was a lot more… abundant. And there was mini-modding thrown in. <_<

Eh, I see your point. +10 for Timmeh. >_>

People need to read the rules and the warnings 3 times to get it wright.