GL's Image Thread

Ok, I don’t call myself a spriter, nor do I call myself an artist, but damn do I think up alot of stuff. Of course, what good is the thought when you can never apply it? So, I’ve taken my first bold steps towards the image world. All of the stuff here will be either one of three things: A 3D pre-render, a heavily edited sprite, or a very sucky looking custom sprite by me and me alone. Any constructive critisism is welcome, but don’t destroy me, I’m a noob :>_>:

1.) Samus Aran Front Views

2.) Super Metroid GF Trooper

3.) Josh Spaulding’s Samus Aran

4.) StarGunner

Not bad, but the shading is lackluster (read: almost nonexistant) and her proportions (mostly the lower legs) are screwed beyond all belief.

Good outline for the most part though.

Forgot to mention that that Samus sprite was a week old :>_>: Ok, I’ll work on it, but first I’ll show you what I did today…

I took a sheet rip of SM’s tiles and found this poor guy who was outside Kraid’s lair. Behold, the first ever GF Trooper! I’m attempting to reconstruct it by comparing it to Samus frames (Note: the legs are obviously recolored Samus legs with slight adjustments, but it’s amazing how close they actually are to the dead sprite’s)

Nice! If you manage to finish the GF trooper, a lot of Metroid sprite-comic authors are gonna be happy! You don’t know HOW often I’ve wished I’d be able to make a sprite-gag involving GF troopers…

Of course, I’d let other people use it for comics, but I wouldn’t give them the entire sheet, just a single frame of each position to secure my sprite in case I use it for my own game >_>

Anyway, In order to pile up on my list of things to do (thus keeping this thread as active as possible) I present to you my currently unfinished Grizby:

Why, you might ask? Because #1, I noticed that it said “abandoned” on SCU’s forum in the sprite status list and the fact that apparently the abandoned one looked like a slug smaller than Samus’s foot, and #2 because, quite frankly, I could do it because it was easy! I don’t know if this will even garner attention by the P2D Team, but if they do respond, I will expand on it, giving it all the details and shadowing necissary.

UPDATE: I found a way to remove dots on my GIFS, so now I can display it in all its unfinished glory.

The GF Trooper is awesome.

Finally, a response :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, that isn’t the half of it, Coolman. Provided I complete the GF Trooper, I’ll be going back and giving it more weapons. Here’s what I have planned:
1.) Particle Pistol- Small low calibur pistol that fires depleted uranium rounds sheathed in charged ionic particles. GR Trooper default weapon.
2.) Particle Rifle- Large high calibur rifle that fires depleted uranium rounds sheathed in charged ionic particles. An “upgraded” pistol boasting better stopping power.
3.) Trooper Machine Gun- Rapid fire weapon with self propelled rounds sheathed in ionic particles. Boasts better stopping power over all pervious weapons.
4.) Trooper Missile Launcher- Weapon that fires large self propelled high-explosive missiles. Devastating stopping power.
Again, that is PROVIDED I complete the sprite. I don’t yet know how complex it will be, so honestly, don’t keep you hopes up… :frowning:

Anyway, going back to my first sprite, Samus Aran, I’ve decided to follow Dazuro’s advice and address more issues about it. So far, I’ve changed the “screwed beyond belief” feet and lower legs, moved the arms closer together to make it more anatomically correct, and have changed the neck area and the humps on the shoulders to make them more accurate to the Samus Aran model in Metroid Prime. The shadowing, I have not even addressed since I want to make sure it looks right before I commit myself to shading it. Rate and review, everybody…

Well, I gotta say, from where I’m standing (or…er…sitting) it looks awesome. Except the feet look kinda… penciled in in a way. Especially the plates coming off of the feet.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “penciled” but yeah, I agree that the feet need some work. But, it is hard for me to get the perspective just right, especially with a sprite this big (in other words, it is easier to see the mistakes in this compared to a 15X8 Samus). I don’t have time just now, but I’ll get back to it soon.

BTW, once this thread hits its second page, I will re-organize the initial post to show all current sprites and their progress. I will simply type in “update” in a reply if I change anything in it.

hey, cool, i’m gonna try and sprite myself and see how i can do…i’ll start with edits…

Image Shack is being a pain today, it won’t load :frowning:
If I did have it up, I’d be showing you my running>right animation for my GF trooper. It doesn’t have any arms since I’ll need to change it for different weapons (this isn’t a single arm cannon, folks)

The legs on that Samus are too short, the upper parts of them to be specific. She looks like a midget. Also, the arms are too thin. Other than that, not bad.

First of all, what are you even talking about? The legs are fine and evenly spaced out and the arms are proportional. You can almost match it to a human skeleton picture. Besides, nothing’s perfect.

On a side note, I’ve reviewed my GF trooper and the running needs some work, especally the alignment of the legs compared to the torso. Display of the image will be delayed I fear…

EDIT: I’ve decided to forget the second page and go right to the throat. All updated images will appear on the initial post.


I got bored so I sprited a version of Samus made by freelance artist Josh Spaulding. Here’s the original (pretty sweet, eh?) And below is mine:

nice job, did you edit or make from scratch?

It’s so small… :>_>: Need binoculars. =P

Except for the head and the lower legs, the rest was from scratch (I just edited the others because I could never get the shape right :confused: )

It’s small cause it’s the same size as an SM sprite. Most Samus sprites are…

well Good Job GL, and butch i think u need glasses…

He doesn’t need glasses, he just needs a bigger monitor :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I never mentioned this, but I guess I have a HUGE repository of custom sprites after a flash animation called “Madness Combat.” It’s a hilariously funny/bloody/disgusting animation about this guy killing a tons of people with every weapon imaginable. This is NOT for those under the age of fourteen, I’ll tell you that… I’d post a pic of what the actual anmation looks like, but it may be against forum regualtions…

UPDATE: Woo! Ok, Image Shack woke up and I suddenly realized that I forgot to post something while it was still down. It’s my GF Trooper, edited with Samus Sprites running to the right. Three things before you go and kill me:
1.) There are no arms because this is the template. Since there will be different weapons and whatnot, no arms have been added… yet
2.) Yes, it looks blue. That’s because saving GIFS in MS Paint sucks.
3.) Ok, so I screwed up one frame. Who cares? IT’S A PROTOTYPE!
Without further ado…
It looks alot better with arms attatched (I have a few frames ready. Like… three…)

UPDATE: (Why so many? Because I don’t like to double post :confused: ) Ok, I shaded in the Samus Front View. Not by much, but I think it looks alright. Besides, I don’t have Photoshop so it’s hard to shade that big of an image. You can see the updated version (ver 4) on the initial post. You can compare with the others already in the replies. Rate and review!

I REALLY want to see how it would turn out with arms.