Enemy Sprites

Anyone that has a finalized sample of an enemy, post it here to show it off. Leave the sprite production and discussion to the production forum, eh?

Tallon Crab:

–Daz’s Edit: Identify the sprite, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Errrr liek the link no worky…

You guys should compile them in the original post of the page. It’d be a pain in the ass for someone who wanted to see them all if they had to keep going from page to page.

Yeah, I’ll do that once we get a second page. ^.^ Good idea.

We need a second page soon

Um… what?

I fail to see what the heck you’re trying to say…

he’s waiting for the second page so you can post all the enemy sprites!


It won’t really matter. There’s only one sprite, and it’s in the second post.

Yeah, but the link is broken.

oh, there’s a lot more sprites… :naughty:

That’s a scary emoticon.

Where’s the sprites?

The sprites are probably all over on SCU.
OT: How do you make the secret emoticons?

They wouldn’t be secret if everyone knew how to make them :wink:. :metroid: < I love that one.

Yeah, it is pretty cool. I’m anxious to see more of the official sprites for the game.

Is that Metroid a P2D sprite in disguise?

It’d be sweet if it was, but I’m not sure. Don’t think so.

yep i love those secret emoticons. yep ahh. :wink: