can i help in any way?

I really want to help but I dont know what there is to do. I was thinking of level
design, since im pretty good at converting 3-d levels to 2-d. I dont know if you already have someone doing this or not so could you let me know? If youd like an example of my work, give me a small area, and ill do my best. Im very good about keeping every
detail in my levels. Thanks!

Sorry, level mapping/design is already… done. er, I don’t know if the Phazon Mines is done, you could do that. Are you good at spriting? If so, then give an example.

I…er…never tried spriting :blush:, its really sad I know, but I just havent had the time.
Is there something else I can do? Theres got to be something. Im pretty good at animating, and putting sprites together. Does that count for anything? My sig. is a small
example (actually its pretty crappy cuz I did it in a few min.) But Id like to help out in anyway I can, even if its something small, Im a big fan of the Metroid series and this game looks good sofar and Id like to see it go all the way to end. Please give me something to do.

EDIT: I tried to do an energy tank sprite since you guys still need one.
heres the sheet:

do you think its good enough? I also animated it:

what do you think? I plan on putting the little sparkly things around it next if you like it.

No bad, I can use that one in the next demo :slight_smile:
I can do glows and sparkly stuff myself, no need to do that.

Perhaps the purple orb could get smaller and bigger? That animation would fit nice I think.

That’s not what we mean by energy tank, but that’s a hell of a lot better than the old energy refill sprite, or at least the last one I saw… so assuming we didn’t replace it since… awesome work for starters. xD

I really like that… =0

I’ll see what I can do. I’m glad you guys like it :smiley:

My first sprite ever! :smiley:> WOOT!

Actually, now I think about, you’ve got the wrong color.
Try something closer to:

I’m not exactly sure, but I know it was less saturated, and more purpley that what you’ve got. =3

I finished the new ones an… new color? Ok I’ll have it up in a min.

EDIT: Ok, I made them darker, the first one is the old one, which of the
bottom shades do you like better? I know they look the same but the bottom one
is actually darker:

Better? I also made the new animation, I havent darkened it yet:

If you like it I will make it darker, but personally I like the old one better.
BTW, the energy refills dont change size at all in prime, they have a glow
around them that gets smaller and bigger, and DF said he can do glows in GM.
I did notice that it turns in a different way, it turns like the power bomb
upgrade (on two axis or w/e)I think I could sprite that if you want me to.

Two things: (a) It’s not even that I want it darker, so much as I want it more purple. The brightness doesn’t even matter that much, but it’s pink right now. Out of the ones you’ve done, though, the middle is best. (b) The center frame of the animation makes the animation look terrible. The animation definitely needs some reworking… It’s really good for a first sprite, though.

It shouldn’t change size every frame, more like every 3 or 4 frames. It is really good though.

By the way, I just noticed something while playing MP2. I don’t know if it’s that way in MP, and I can’t check right now because I’m in the middle of a boss, but it might be the same, so I thought I’d post just in case. The orb is pretty dark throughout, but it has a white circle in the center. It doesn’t gradually fade to white like that, it’s much sharper. Again, maybe it does fade in MP, but just in case…

Ya, it is too pink, Ill have to fix that. Would it be better if I just used the old animation?
I didnt do to good on the new one,plus like I said, they dont get bigger and smaller inthe game. Also, does the middle frame look bad on the old animation too?

I know, I made the wrong frames bigger and smaller.

I just checked in prime and your right, it is sharper with a little white circle in the middle.
Good eyes.

I’ll fix the color and the animation (although the second animation wouldnt be accurate to the game.)

EDIT: Here it is, it’s much more purple now:

I didnt change the animation yet cuz I dont know
if you like this one or the new one better.
Heres the sheet:

New is far superior. :smiley:

Thanks! :smiley: I like it a WHOLE lot better now, before it looked kinda like cotton candy.xD
Do you it’s done? Or is there any thing else I need to improve on?

BTW, Daz, what are you working on right now? (OP?)

:blush: This maybe nerving for me but i want to be a part of the team so i’m starting on an example sprite of a missile when you collect it and get missiles to your pak (no not the missile expansion) but how did you get the energy ball thing to like revolve Darkhunter16?
And also if your looking for more people who might be interested in helping out try forums like and others.

We already have missile refills.

Darkhunter: Looks about right to me, yeah. And I’m working on the missiles themselves, and adding battle damage to the pirates.

What could i do for a sprite? :confused:

Check the ‘To Do’ list Here

And Daz, did you ever finish your new pirate troopers? The last sheet I saw didnt have
the saber (I think thats what they’re called :confused: ) attack. And my energy refill,
can we use it? (in the actual demo/game) Or are they not good enough for that? :frowning:

Ok can i do the turrets that like shoot at you and then you can use missiles to destroy it in a hit.