ZONE sprites

k here is something new:

…This is my SECRET character from my game…anyway I wont change anything in it(sry no gender yet)…

Looks nice.

wait… its a mugshot right?


as in… a picture of the face of the character.

like when they’re talking in the game next to the text.

or on a select caracter screen

it looks like a close up in a funny flash animation!

ummm…I hav nothing to sprite…any ideas(not metroid tho)

King Kong… no really King Kong.

show me a good side view pic

This is the sidest pic I could find. King Kong side pic.

2005 movie?

who seen it yet…its awsome :astonished:

I saw it a couple weeks ago. It pwns. The only thing is that it’s a little too long…

so…it was the best movie i seen with a monkey in it.

Mine’s Ace Ventura… xD

Stop spamming. YOu can easily create a fuckin king kong thread in its respective place :rolleyes:

3rd angel from Avengelion

I updated the face[mugshot]
and here comes the body:

Its the character from my new game[Zeo’s Path to War…in my sig]

Im currently working on the sprite sheet

i love the third angle…but why is there a blue outline?