ZEO:Path To War

SB2D-deleated by accident when i rebooted my PC

Dimensions? How big do you need this Samus sprite?

look for somthing here —>http://sprites.fireball20xl.com/NSA/HTML/Metroid/index.html

I already saw those i mean i need a metroid Prime samus which they dont have.lol
and u can make any size

What’s the difference between Samus in Metroid Prime and Samus anywhere else except Fusion?

what do u mean???

ask if you can borrow the p2d sprites.

u mean from p2d dev team???

What the hell else would he mean?

and how shold i ask them???

Edit:mp2d.co.uk dosent work

If you’re making this in GameMaker, I hope you’re really good. And I doubt it. But lucky me, I just figured out how to get my online programs working right, so one day I might just make something like that.

Have fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


use PM

Actually you can still access p2d. Only the domain is down. Just go to This Page and use the buttons to access the rest of the site. Including resources. Strange how the buttons are down on the forums :slight_smile:.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t bother asking. MH made it perfectly clear he don’t want anyone using his Samus sprites.

yeah i know thats why i didn’t ask…

This is the only fangame on here besides Troid 92’s SMP3D that shows tremendous potential. (No offense intended toward the other fangamers here, I just don’t like most of the ideas.) I have some character ideas: Dark Samus.
Meta Ridley (Size and power of Giga Bowser), and Leon (From Resident Evil 4). :slight_smile:

^yeah I kind of hav GigaBowser and ridley in my head but Im still thinking about Dark Samus and Leon isnt from nintendo,hes from capcom .lol

hey ive been working on the same kind of game for a year good luck on yours is it gonna be online?