Zelda II: the Adventures of Link FPS

Video Demo


So yeah, it turns out someone is making an FPS from Zelda II almost TES style, my theory is that someone got drunk and thought this would be a good idea, turns out it was. The only real issue is that he kind of went overboard with the visual effects and now it takes a better PC than mine to run it once you reach the temple.

The game is totally playable from the guys website, you just need to install a plugin, the link for which is right below the banner.

Thoughts, I liked it until the temple dropped my framerate down to about 20

Holy Crap! How could no one post on this Thread! This is awesome! Sort of Reminds me of Super Paper Mario Where you can shift Perspective from 2D to 3D. What engine does this game use? Do you know if it’s compatible with Windows 7? Guys, now that it’s the future, we proabably have better computers, Thus making it playable. I, for one am going to download this!