Zeitoun: The Game

And by small and conservative, I mean not trying to make an entire Metroid quality game from scratch. Nope, instead it’s a simple, NES style game based on Zeitoun, a non fiction book which probably none of you have read, about a badass Syrian paint contractor who saved people in his canoe during Katrina. And then got arrested in his home by racist cops and then bad things happened.

“Demo” (really just and early engine build/test) This is a .gmk, so you’ll need GM8 to open it. I might get around to uploading an .exe soon.

So, basically, all the game is is an overworld map of New Orleans with several locations ot choose from, and each location has streets to choose from. Streets are sidescrolling levels with three rows, where you dodge obstacles, save people, and throw steaks into windows to feed dogs. In the last street of each location, there is a boss battle, usually against a military boat, where you dodge its bullets and collect paint cans to charge your Beard Cannon. Once it’s charged, you fire it, kill the boss, and obviously beat the location.

And it’s all meant to be like an NES game. It uses the NES palette and some of the restrictions, and the gameplay is heavily simplified. It’s 320x240 at 2x for a more retro effect, and animations are no more than 4 frames.

Basically what I’m trying to do is actually finish a game for once. Look at all the threads in this section, you might find one that got finished if you’re lucky. So I went for smoething short and simple, but I still could use some help. I don’t need it, but I’d appreciate it.

There are a few things that would be difficult for either me personally or for one person in general-

-I’m still no expert at GM, and I’ve never been able to get displaying variables to work. So someone to just help me out with that would be nice. You don’t really have to write anything yourself, I just need to learn.
-I can only sprite so many buildings before I go insane. I also really, really suck at drawing people, and I need people in the water to be saved. Again, I can manage, but it wouldn’t turn out too good.
-There’ll be a lot of levels to design, probably 40-50, including bosses, but I’ll do those myself. It would be nice to not have to do all of them.

So if you ever feel like spriting or designing levels, because I’m sure that happens all the time, I could do with lightening my load a bit. Otherwise, I’ll keep you posted until this is done.

Main menu get.

Also starting with building tile sets and getting all the variables set.


Now with some more shit.



Now with obstacles, lives, steak throwing, in-engine info, and sound effects.

Making some good progress.

Working HUD, actual level completion, I picked up a composer (the music in this build is placeholder, though, but still his), I just have a few more features to stick in and then I get into the long haul of tilesets and level designing.

[sub]…Anyone want to help with that?[/sub]

And does someone cough Liks cough want to improve that cloud background? Because I suck at clouds. A lot.

We’ve just been TRIPLE POST’d!

It’s all relevant content, so in this case it’s fine. He’s simply keeping us updated.


I’ve had little bits of free time for the last three weeks and I’ve managed to improve basically everything. Scaling is much cleaner now but might be blurred by certain graphics cards, the overworld has lots of fancy shit, etc.

So now I just need to add the rest of the little features, most of them randomly spawning objects which will use the same code as the steak pickups.

action number 13
of Create Event
for object Steak_pack:

Error in expression:x > End.x
position 9: Unknown variable x

Yeah, the End from End.x is the goal at the end of levels, and that event keeps the steak packs from spawning behind them, but I haven’t put the goals in any levels except the first.

Unless you were playing the first level, then there’s a problem.

What are you programming in?

Oh… pft just GM? trolololol.

Hey, sorry for the bump. But GameFront’s dead.
Do you still have the latest version so you can upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive?

I haven’t seen Phlakes here in a long time.

Yeah I wonder what happened to that guy

(but if rando new user checks this, after 2-3 computer changes this game is lost to the void, which is fine because it was shitty)

who’s phlakes?

Hey Phlakes, I still have Zeitoun build 4-2 (downloaded 9/1/2011 at 8:57pm) if you want a copy for history’s sake. Lolz.