Zebra Halo

This is my halo fangame:

NOTE: No Characters from halo games will apear, this is in another part of the galaxy with different Spartans

Story: A group of Spartan III’s crash landed on a halo Installation and have to fight their way through the installation to find a way to get off, You play as each of the spartans in each level, Each one can only use a certain gun
There are going to be 10 Installments, each as a different one of the surviving spartans.

this game is being made with gamemaker 5.3A using the Gadget 3D engine.


Any Chapter
M6D pistol:Start every level with this gun
Plasma rifle

second, Fifth and ninth Installments (205 chapters)
Assault Rifle

Third, Sixth and Eigth Installments (203 chapters)
Sniper Rifle

Fourth and seventh Installments (204 chapters)
plasma pistol

1st Chapter coming when i fix the engine

UPDATE: By Popular Demand

This is from the old version, the one with the bug, and Placeholder textures and elites

It’ll be done when It’s done

Sounds like a pretty good game concept, although there’s no more plot to it than Starwars 1: The Phantom Menace, AND that I can’t be sure that your game will actually have a demo out. Tonight.
(Unless you meant like the plot to the first chapter, in which case I believe you.)
So, ya, I’ll see tonight I guess. Good luck.

Same sentiment here. Waiting for developments

maybe show us some screen shots or sprites or something?

Ok I have A big bug on the Engine and probobly wont get It fixed so I’m using my Backup, but the backup is completley no leveled so I can really take screenshots yet.

spartan III’s wtf? you mean sparatn II’s right? there arent ant Spartan III’s…


Okay, wow. I mean WOW… You ACTUALLY have screenshots for your fangame that was announced two days ago. Nice looking screenshot for a demo/beta of your game! (This is a first, I’m still shocked)

little worried about:


ememy facing directions (otherwise this is no better than the crappy doomed example from gamemaker)

will you make enemies 3d, or at least have many directional sprites?

thank you.

GM 5.3A? Sorry but GM 6.1 is already out, what is the diff?

SNIPER:Gamemaker 5.3A can use gadget 3d
I already fixed the hud up
Ther sprites are placeholder i’m ripping them from halo like the guns.
They’re going to be 3d
magmoormaster: Spartan IIIs are mentioned in fall of Reach

The Storyline is just for the first chapter

good to hear, i have high hopes for this.

Sounds good. But please make the controls Mouse 1:Fire
A:Strafe Left
D:Strafe Right

um…am i the only one who gets a little ticked when people tell me what to make for controls for MY game when i already make some?

anyways, i am assuming that the creator feels the same way, but who knows, however, unless they outright ask for control schemes, i dont think it is very nice to tell them what to make controls, after all, they are making the game, and have a much better idea of it, and there is (hopefully) going to be a lot of people playing, not just a single person.

simplified version: custom controls would be cool, but till then, or asked, the creator is the rightful decider.

No thanks, I’ve finalised the ones i’m using

M1:Shoot Left Gun
M2: Alt fire (some weapons only)
Ctrl: Shoot
Keypad: weapon swap
Space: Melee
Arrow Keys: Move

The demo Is rappidly slipping, my computer blue screened me and made me lose progress, but I’m putting aircraft In this game.

In the words of bungie “It’ll be done when It’s done”

smartdude: it annoys me too

straange controls imo

meh I’m just using the controls I like personally

Later chapters might include custom ones

good plan, right now just deal with getting the game running for you, make it extremely playable for others when you are more finished with it.

Delayed Again… I’m Ill :frowning:

you could try making the elites actual models instead of sprites… 'else it looks like doom.