Yu-Gi-Oh the abridged series

I’m really curious who out there actually knows what YGO:TAS is, because everyone needs something to laugh at every once in a while and this is something I discovered when I was looking for the original Japanese episodes (because 4Kids really sucks balls)

edit: Link

ive heard of it, but never watched it

this wins
Utena Dub

my friend made it :3

episode 2!


seems like just another YGO:TAS clone

doesnt make it less hilarious xDDD

nothing’s ever better than the original >_>

i will stab you in the face
you cant say this isnt hilarious



“screw the rules I have money”

thou shalt never kill me, for I have the power to look good in leather.

now youre the one being silly, boys cant date!


we should stop this, but you really should check out abridged, it is really funny, besides making fun of a world in which life revolves around a children’s card game is really funny


also, she needs to make moar Utena dubs

I’ll admit that yes, it is completely hilarious.

It may ironic that I just watched the Yu-gi-oh Movie and now I’m reading this.

insert record scratch noise

He ho WHAT!?!?!

I watched the abridged version of the movie. Much better. And I’ve seen like all of the abridged series episodes. I laugh. Cause I’ve seen the REAL ones. (that was a long time ago)

Yeah, I didn’t click the link, but I was gonna say, the Abridged series has been around for quite a while. As in, when I was in seventh grade. And I’m a Junior in High School now. That’s, what, four years? Maybe three?

So yeah, if that is the original (or as original as the abridged series can get) abridged series, then congrats on finding it. You have a patience I can only dream of. If not, I highly recommend developing said patience and looking for the original on Youtube.

They are funny the first time. But after that, they became more of a novelty to me. I don’t even smile when I watch them any more. It’s kinda sad.

That being said, maybe it’s just a sort of lower humor that I’ve grown out of. Not that I’m saying you guys are idiots or immature, I just don’t find them funny any more, and I believe that’s because my tastes have changed.

But yeah, watch them. They’re good for a quick laugh.

they kinda like…
all sound the same…
and the fake breasts thing got old fast D=
over did it, really

overall, eh
i’ll stick with Rory’s utena dub xD

@swan finding little curiboh on youtube isn’t all that hard, the account is called CardGamesFWT!

@CMC: maybe in that one episode but the jokes are quite fresh from episode to episode, also he uses jokes, other abridgers copy them

Well, y’see, I’m an impatient American, and I want everything now lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job finding them, though.