Your First Game

Yeah I was just wondering how many people here actually remember the first game you ever played:
For me it was OoT which I still stand by as best gaem evar

Mario Kart 64.

it either had to have been mario cart 64, mario party, or starfox 64

For me it was Street Fighter 2 :slight_smile:

Same as omega here :smiley:

Duck Hunt. Classic NES FTW. I still have it, btw. I think I’ll play it today.

Super Mario Bros. 3 probably.

Super Mario Bros NES, I was 2 years old my brother got me into games.

Frogger, I think. Or some top view racing game.
The first NES game I played was Ice Climber.

Alleyway Cat on PC (more than 15 years old, the sprites were really basic, like EGA I think)


I know nobody heard of it ^^"

Pokemon Red on the Game Boy Pocket. Frick yeah.

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on SNES

those were the days

Think it was Super Mario Bros. for the NES.

Bucky o? Hare
for the NES

Kirby’s Dreamland for the GB.
My first 3D game was Diddy Kong Racing, I got DKRDS when it came out, oh sweet nostalgia.