your favourite scene in metroid prime 1

My favorite scene is when dark samus’s arm comes out of the phazon pool! it was awesome! :laughing:

Oops that was MP2! Sorry!

Yeah j8kmunkey it was quite shocking, I didn’t knew what was coming… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Is this from the 100% ending?

Yeah :smiley: it was pretty shocking.
the Metroid Prime was SO FREAKIN’ HARD!

Wait, Dark Samus is in Metroid Prime? I thought she was an Echoes-only type thing.

Where can I find a video of the 100% ending? I think I missed two or three items to scan in my game…so I won’t be seeing it any time soon.

Dark Samus IS Metroid Prime. After Samus destroyed Prime’s body, it tried to grab Samus so it could use her for a new host body, but it only grabbed her phazon suit. Hence, Dark Samus’ birth.

YEAH what DS said :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: but in the 100% ending from echoes you see something blue glowing, is that also Dark Samus ???

I’ve never seen any thing from mp2! I feel embarrassed! :blush:

Do you think Dark Samus will return again, in the next metroid prime ???

Uh, duh? Seeing as she’s not only hte title character, but she was also shown in the ending leaving Aether, so she has to come back somehow.

LMAO! j8kmunkey is telling Daz what to do… >_>
And j8kmunkey, I wouldn’t be talking, considering what you’re first post said… >_>

i like the first time you enter the dark world(mp2) AFTER you lose everything :metroid: