Your favourite boss in any metroid game!

What is your favourite boss in any metroid game?

  • Ridley
  • Meta Ridley
  • Kraid
  • Meta Kraid
  • metroid prime
  • MP essence
  • Dark samus
  • Flaahgra
  • Thardus
  • SA-X
  • Omega pirate
  • Other
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Select your favourite boss of all time! If it is not there just vote “other” and post it! Now go and vote! 8)

I will not vote until further votes are counted to give you a fair and fresh start! :smiley:

There WAS no Meta Kraid. And there are so damn many bosses, you really shouldn’t bother with a poll for something like this. No way to fit even a good amount of them.

Did I mention that Omega Pirate makes me happy in my little Daz-pants?

LOL :laughing:

I put so many bosses because i wanted people’s favourite to be there! :unamused:

I think it’s obvious who my favorite boss is :wink:

Did you vote for…IT? :slight_smile:

I voted too i dont want to wait. Or double post.

I think he means that meta-kraid is the kraid in prime that was cut out :cry:

Oh. Why did they cut him out? :confused:

Got replaced by Omega Pirate.

My vote goes with Daz. Omega Pirate is t3h PWNag3 boss.

:imp: I think kraid would have been better.

its all about omega pirate, man. it took me forever to beat him… oh yeah, the omega metroid from metroid fusion is awesome too

I think kraid would be much cooler than the Omega pirate, because Kraid is much bigger than the OP.

the omega pirate is cool but I also want to battle kraid in a metroid prime :frowning: :wink:

And i thought every game was supposed to have kraid and ridley in it. So far ridley is in all but not kraid.

But when Ridley is in a game, kraid must also be there I think

Ridley is not in all, he’s not in metroid 2 and metroid prime 2

then they must suck because ridley could destro all humans if he wanted to. :O_O:

Daz said something along the lines that j8kmunkey shouldn’t have made a poll because he couldn’t fit all the bosses. Then j8kmunkey says in the next post that he put a lot of them because that way everyone could have their favorite… o.O
I vote other.

Well, Kraid wasn’t in Prime, and Ridley was, so your idea isn’t true either :stuck_out_tongue:

Aaaaactually, it was META ridley in prime. :wink: heh

Its still Ridley genius, only this time he had cybernetic armor attached to him… :sweat:

It was a joke.