your favorite weapon

what is your favorite weapon

  • power beam
  • wave beam
  • ice beam
  • plasma beam
  • dark beam
  • light beam
  • annihilator beam
  • super missile
  • missile
  • wavebuster
  • ice spreader
  • flamethrower
  • sonic boom
  • dark burst
  • spazer
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my favorite weapon is the plasma beam.:slight_smile:


Don’t double post(sorry for the minimod)

My Favorite weapons are the Plasma beam, the Annihilator beam, and the flamethrower.

My favorite is the one that kills people who make repeat topics and double post within ten minutes and spam one-word useless posts.

Edit: Tim points out that the topic on it is two years old and, as such, couldn’t be legally posted in anyway. My apologies for jumping the gun. unlock

My other points stand, however.

Plasma beam owns drools

Oh wait, something that pwns all.

How about, the missile.

sonic boom :smiley:

Murder Beam ftw!

I don’t think glitches are included <_<

I could see discounting the spacetime beam for that reason, but the murderbeam is still a specific beam with its own graphic, right? Even if it was unintended…

what game and how do you get it?

i like the power beam. way more effective than the others…

They’re both based off of the same glitch, so I don’t see why one would be less of a glitch than the other.
Plus, the murder beam just has plasma’s sprite, I’m pretty sure.

Plasma looks like a giant white blobby solid beam of doom?

thanks for voting guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

Annihilator beam ftw ^^ i like it very much.

Plasma beam, Wavebuster, Sonic Boom, , and Darkburst got my votes.

Plasma beam has by far the most usefulness, but the other 4 look cool.

Other 4? You only named 3, and there’s an empty space between two commas…you forget to add one in?

That last one in the poll. >_>;


I just noticed that. Wonder if the poll glitched or the maker just messed up…

Hm, I can’t seem to delete poll options, either. D:

I must be a true genius for coming up with such a clever solution…