Your best P2D times?

Well, I guess we record the time it takes from th start, to the save point. Anyway, my best time is 1:30. I mucked up somewhere (I’ve forgotten where), but I’m happy with my score.

What’s yours?

And mention a few tips for speed running in the P2D demo.

For me…

  1. Unless you have to aim, and can’t while holding the sprint button, keep holding the sprint button
  2. If you need to get an enemy out of the way, use the plasma beam, or missile. You can use the power beam, but it’s weaker, and takes too long to kill an enemy
  3. Unless you have to, ignore enemies.
  4. Prepare. If the next room has a scan point, get your Scan Visor out the room at the door in the room you were in before. Start charging the charge beam if a passage that’s blocking your way is destroyed by that.

Well, that’s all my tips. Good luck. :slight_smile:

That cracked me up.

Will edit with score in… less than a minute (yes, that was me calling you out)

EDIT: Nevermind… can’t get less than 1:30 either xD

Why did it crack you up? What I really mean there is avoid the enemies, but everyone knew that.



well, thats with editing the data file though. :slight_smile:

uhm i ges when i first played any demo which was the talon overworld one