You know you love Metroid too much when...

I saw this topic over at SCU and thought it was such a great idea, so I’ll copy my post from it. Post your own here, too!

When you stay on the channel listings chanel for HOURS waiting and hoping you’ll see a Metroid show.

When you ask your teacher if you can do your science project on the how useful it would be if everyone had a morph ball.(Guilty)

When you’re sick and you hear the docter say “He has an infection” and you say “Oh no! It’s not the X, is it? Is it too much Phazon radiation???!!!”

When you search eBay for ski goggles that looks like the combat visor. (Guilty beyond belief, I’ve been trying to find one for years.)

When you tried making your own power suit of aluminum foil(Guilty!)

When accidentaly saying “Samus” instead of “Mom” when you’re talking to your mother.
(LOL ROFL Guilty…)

When you made a giant model of Quadraxis out of LEGO’s… (soon to be guilty)

When you see a jellyfish and you run away because you think it is going to suck your energy.

When you try to submit a patent for a Chozo Battlesuit XP

thats more like if your a Bill gates and metroid lover lol

When you are just fooling around and start acting like you have an arm cannon on(guilty)

When you’re stupid enough to attack someone thinking they were a space pirate(Guilty again)

When you’re crazy enough to talk to a cardboard stand up of Samus for hours on end(Guilty Again!)

I love Metroid XP

When you ask where the HELL you GOT a Samus cardboard standup. (…)

When you make a porn sight ENTIRELY dedicated to samus and things better left unmentioned, like Mother Brain trying to… oh yeah, unmentioned, right <_<;;; (What do you take me for? HELL no! I’M NOT FRIGGIN GUILTY!!!)

When you try to mess with the computer version of Halo to make it seem like you were in Samus’ suit. (…guilty. Slightly succesful. After some help, of course…)

Oh, by the way, where the HELL did you get a Samus cardboard standup??

When you make a Metroid sprite comic. (Guilty XD >_> This is not a shameless plug. This is not a shameless plug.)

When you buy fifty copies of every Metroid game in existance and play a different one every day until you run out, then throw out the games and buy more. (If I was rich I’d be guilty many times over)

When you’re bored you cook up excessive storylines, ideas, daydreams, and whole ideas for Metroid games - IN THE COURSE OF A FEW MINUTES. (Guilty.)

No offense but that seems really, really desperate. I’m not even that desperate…

When you expect to see doors in the center of the earth. (Norfair)
When you freeze aquarium tanks containg jelleyfish and claim you did it for the sake of the galaxy.

And no, i’m sane enough to not be guilty of these acts…

when you try to make a combat visor out of a skate board helmet and an empty sprite botle(guilty)

when you jump around your house pretending your arm is an arm cannon and shouting imaginary space pirates, metroids, and bosses.(guiltier thean you can imagen)

when you roll around like you are in morph bal mode(guilty guilty guilty)

Someone just said that…

I’m sorry but that is just plain creepy.



definitely does not run off to go roll around pretending I’m using the morph ball

When you join a forum about recreating an entire Metroid game; possibly one of the greatest ones, too.

We all love Metrloid too much.

metroid + soup = true love

=troid stew mmmm

Lol, soup and metroid jelly on a sandwich…

Along with a fresh baked reindeer… (Bosk’s avvy)


This was in public…I found it in a gaming store somewhere. Yeah, I’m a freak.

Got Metroid, yes, I am really, really, REALLY desperate.

I found a few more.

When you sit next to a beta ray thinking you will split(not guilty, Thank god)
When you think the spider on your wall is a baby splinter(yes, i am a freak and i am paranoid)
When you hear metroid music and you go into a fighter stance(again, I am a freak)
When you jump for joy after you blow up a jellyfish with a firecracker(I’m not that stupid!)

Note: Two of these I did not do!(read the parenthesis)

1.) It’s beta rays
2.) No double posting