You know what'd be awesome..?

An amusement park ride based of Metroid. Each seat’d sit one person, and you’d be fastened to your seat REALLY well… Almost entirely encassed… Over your head, there’d be a scan visor like thing that’d be interactive, and would switch to Thermal or Xray on parts of the ride, to sacre the crap out of you, when there’s a Shadow Pirate in front of you. It’d be a roller coaster thing, and you’d have to screw attack once or twice for the awesomeness.
But you don’t have Icebeam and a Metroid chases you… I’m am so going to build on to this idea, and draw psuedo blue prints.

Cool. I would love to see that on roller Coaster Tycoon 3.

Restraints like you said though are unlikely. What if someone’s the wrong size? People who are clautiphobic? It just isn’t pratical.

A ride like that would be neat, but who would ride it besides Metroid fans? It’s just not generic enough. Now, base it on a Metroid movie and…

that wud be awesome to metroid fans and ppl who arent but it wud make metroid have a bad name, cool idea tho.

wont the visor get barfed on? ew…

it sounds impractically awsome! i like the shadow pirate idea. but could they make the ride look good without being corny?

Not corny? How about you make it look as real as possible, you know, with lighting effects like that in DOOM 3? Make it creepy, make it tense, make it kick ass and it will beat any rollercoaster.

Yeha that would be awesome. Metroid Rides. Hell, make a whole metroid theme park. Then you’d really get shock and awe from fans. drools

I’m not sure what surprises me more, the necropost, or my own typing.

Holy cra-, I didn’t realise the time differance in that!

There’s a Pokemon themepark in Japan, or I think… The blueprints will be awesome, MP artwork style… With those giant screens and 3d glasses, it’ll look REAL. I mean it. REAL. I went on a ride like that with a pseudo-virtual reality rollercoaster and I almost threw up… Yeah, like in Disneyland.