You guys need to make a demo for mac!

when i tried to download the game it downloaded and when i pressed on the game file it didnt work. i later found out that it said .exe in the file and that does not work on mac. i really dont think its fair that only people with pcs can play the game. so i ask you, please make p2d for macs? :frowning:

It’s not any less fair than that people without computers can’t play the game. Gamemaker doesn’t support mac format. If you’re that desperate, get Virtual PC.

also Destroyer said that the downloads right now are messed up

Yes. Yes they are.

This isn’t one of those forums that has a hundred people refreshing each board over and over waiting to reply to new topics. Double-posting is against our rules here, unless you have an important update or it’s been a reasonable amount of time with nobody responding. Generally that means a few days, not 17 minutes. :wink:

well atleast the downloads work now

I see it as the people who make GM being paid by Microsoft to monopolies the PC gaming market by throwing bullshit at mac users. Microsoft is evil enough to do that

…or, it’s just the fact that everyone uses Windows, and so making something that works for Mac just isn’t practical. Why the hell would microsoft care about GM?

besides, mac’s coding isn’t open source, so you have to pay for their code… on the other hand, window’s is… that is why there is many more programs for windows, and, because of the diversity of programs, over the years it has become more and more popular.

IMO macs are better on an executional basis, but because of the lack of software, i wont even get near to them.

therefore everyone should get a PC. end of discussion. :smiley:

or just boot camp/similar but that sucks up ram crazily