Yet another Zelda game

I can’t believe that in addition to Twilight Princess, Nintendo is also making a Zelda game for the DS. They’re supposedly going to be released around the same time, and they both look like good games, although I don’t know as much about the Phantom Hourglass. All I can say is that this looks like another good year for Zelda fans. :wink:

Ya, the Phantom Hourglass looks like a hybrid between the ol’ 2d ones and Windwaker. I’ll post the video of it as soon as I find it again.… ← What are you guys talking about? NO SUCH THING EXISTS! :stuck_out_tongue: (sarcasm, of course…)

Higher-quality video for those who want it:…eldadslarge.wmv

Yeah, it doesn’t look like I’ll like this game much. I don’t really like Wind Waker, and I don’t really like the style of the 2-D Zeldas as much as the 3-D Zeldas.


Just kidding.

That was really cool looking :smiley: It’s nothing I could have thought of, really. I mean, using the stylus to guide the boomerang? And drawing stuff on the map for some reason? I must know the release date!

All I can say is: Nice. I really liked the old 2-D Zelda games, so this is good news to me.
It almost looks like the writing on the map might be for writing notes about certain things or something…

I’m 80% sure that it’s coming out Q3 2006.

Which is supposedly the same time the Revolution is to launch.

I like how they’re using the overhead view from the 2-d Zelda games with the 3-d graphics. I just hope they don’t get stylus happy and ruin the game.

Wow… I mean finally they introduced probrobly the most creative Zelda game ever. Although I’d like to see Ocerina of Time on DS.

Uh, ya… I already said that… <_<

I know, I was just saying I liked it. I was gonaa quote you, but I must admit I’m still new to some of the features you can use. :blush:

I hope everyone enjoys PH. I wouldn’t expect another new Zelda game on the DS for a while >_>;

Uhh, actually, about 2-3 months. Not a long time in my book.

Wait, what? Do you mean Four Swords DS or an actual new Zelda DS game that I haven’t heard of? v_v

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass… The game this topic was based on. >_>

E: O_o Whoops. I read your post wrong, Enzd. I thought it said MPH instead of PH… <_<;

But still, Phantom Hourglass is still new as hell.