XP 64

I keep getting errors about not being able to copy various .dll’s when I try to install it… wtf?

don’t use XP 64 >_>

But… I… :cry:



How do you know? Have you ever installed OsX?

Didn’t think so.





i needed that


I have. On many Macs.

The easiest OS to install was MacOS 7-9 You just booted from the CD and copied the folder named “System” to the harddrive. Follow that with a reboot and you are done.

Takes longer now, but I have no problems. Installed 10.3, 10.4, and 10.5 with ease and NO frustration.

Well I’ve installed XP x32 fine on 6 comps, and the second trial of x64 worked fine. :S

In fact, I’m on it now. :smiley:

Thing is, on every other OS, you actually configure stuff. On Macs, the hardware is always the same (there may be more or less of it, but it’s still the same).

Macs don’t do that, because they seriously lack good configuration. Things just magically “work” with Macs, which is why I don’t like them.

The general psyche for OSes:
Windows: “This feature doesn’t exist, so where the hell is it?”
Mac: “This feature doesn’t exist, so it must not be important.”
Linux: “This feature doesn’t exist, so I’ll make it myself.”

Enter: The troll!
Apple had like a million different Macs at the time.
They had so many different computers and configurations that people didn’t know what to buy.

And that was pre-OS X. Like before 2001. This just shows that you don’t know shit.

And if you don’t like computers that works… Well that just sucks.

He’s got a point you know. Macs are really rigid.

I’m a Mac guy. Deal with it.

Ever heard or read some of these?
Once you go Mac you’ll never go back.
No turbo shit, just real power!
Think different.
Go swede or go home.

Anybody know any decent but cheap xp x64 compatible sound cards?

Computers that works? =P

And also, I never said that Macs were bad; I merely said that they were different in a way that I didn’t like. Macs are for people who want simplicity, and PCs are for those who want more features along with more work.

No, LINUX is for people who want more features. :stuck_out_tongue:

PC is for games.

Take 1% of what I say seriously. Including this post.
I’m not a bad guy. I just like the drama.



Overly simplified, but mostly works for me =P

Hardware isn’t always the same. Processor and motherboard are usually the same, CD drive is the same unless you replace it for whatever reason. Graphics card, hard drive, ram is easily changeable in most macs since the cube mac (that’s as far back as I know, as that’s when I started caring about hardware).
Processor, now that it’s using intel, can be changed.
That leaves the motherboard. Those are changeable, but pretty specific. As far as hardware, that’s the most rigid part for a mac.

Configuration for said hardware… eh. Not much personal experience, but I watched someone configure some custom hardware once. It’s possible, but I just can’t say much about it.
Buuut, for the record, magically working suits me just fine when compared to magically refusing to work for no reason no matter what you try.
I’d rather customize from ‘working’ than customizing from ‘not working, communicating, or detecting in any way.’

Also, yeah. Don’t use XP 64. If you can, go for Vista x64, it (sadly) works much better than XP x64. It’s just… more stable, more compatible with things, etc.
My current setup is regular XP (well, LastXP, but still not 64 =P) and Vista x64.

Since when is Vista more stable than XP? =P

Also, by “same,” I meant all made by Apple. PCs’ hardware is made by a variety of companies, requiring different configuration for each, while Mac hardware is all made by Apple, with a standard configuration.

I’ve already got XP x64. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, I’ve heard that Sandbox 2 (Crysis editor) runs like a dream on XP 64 compared to 32 bit, and since I’m in the mod business, I could use that. xD

That and 16 gb of ram. :stuck_out_tongue: