XG's schtuff

This is only a few recent things of mine, if you want to see some old stuff check out my PJ, Devi, or and/or Sheezy acounts.

Some random made-up monster. Made 200x200 with Gameboy colors, for a challenge on another forum. Some faults pointed out where that the tentacle ‘neck’ has a contradicting lightsource.

Smithy, Paper Mario styled. Also made for the same challenge in the same other forum (Paper Mario styled vilains)

A hoax screenshot of ‘Metroid: Second Mission,’ a GBA remake of Metroid II a la MZM. Don’t get confused, this isn’t going to be a real fan game/hack or anything, it was just an early “Metroid’s 20th Anniversary” thing :V I’ve gotten a few complaints on the foreground tiles. BGs and rocks aren’t my specialty :<

If you don’t know who this is then you lack awesomeness. I had more poses but lost them in a reformatting :<

Critiques are always appreciated; by pointing out flaws in past works, I know how to avoid them in future works. So all comments are welcomed and whatnot

And if there’s a “no posting multiple images in one post” policy, sorry, inform me and I’ll turn all of these into links

You didn’t happen to play runescape at a time did you?

I recognize your name.

BTW, I’d say you’re a very good spriter. That first thing has really weird shading, but very good. How long have you been spriting?

I’m from Pixeltendo, and actually we dueled a year ago or so if I recall.

I’ve been spriting for somewhere between a year-and-a-half and two years, by the way.

Also, thanks :smiley:

You’re pretty damn good!

My favorite is Smithy. Not sure how accurate it is-- haven’t played SMRPG in a long time, but you got the Paper Mario style down.

Ah, now I remember. Did I win or lose? I remember I lost my first duel, but then I won the pokemon one.

Also, prepares for flames who is Smithy?

Anyway, this was my first real forum (after Nsider). I later joined Pixeltendo (because ot TSR).
Ironically, Dazuro/Dazzy, and Dazz are different people (though I admit I didn’t belive it until sometime last year).

Smithy is the final boss of Super Mario RPG.

can you quote which one he is? im guessing its:

you’re quite skilled in spriting. im sure if you wanted to, p2d would like to have you sprite something for them =]

Smithy looks accurate, yes, but he’s also far too dark for PM style. It doesn’t look right at all in terms of colors or shading.

Aside from the neck, the monster looks pretty damn cool.

And you already know how I love that Queenie screenie. ^^;

take a look at my edit. you posted your thing when i was writing it O.o

Hard to say, voting stopped early and unofficially, but Grynz (it was a 3-way) had the most votes so I think we both lost.

Actually, I’ve already been PM’d on the subject on PJ, by ‘Zlothien483’ (no clue who that is), and sent a PM back, so I decided to join the forums while I wait for his response. I’m not sure on all the specifics, so I’m waiting for him to PM me back with all the details.

And thanks for the comments guys :smiley:

http://z3.invisionfree.com/MP2D/index.php?showtopic=1802 is pretty much where you should start out. pick one that’s not already in progress or done…

here’s samus so you know how big to make them.