Xeno Tactics

So, I just heard about this game today. Its called Xeno Tactics, as implied by the topic title. The game primarily deals with Aliens from the Alien movie series. You might know them better as the green aliens in Alien vs. Predator. Anyways, in order to get the Title of the game, you sort of need a little knowledge on the Alien series. After Alien, the original, Jim Cameron made a sequel, called Aliens. Throughout the movie, they refer to the Aliens, whether it be Facehugger, Chestburster, Warrior, or Queen, as Xenomorphs, or Xenos for short. This name was taken to heart by other filmmakers that made Alien 3 and Alien: Ressurection. The game is a puzzle game. Basically, you set up different types of robot sentries to fight off different types of Aliens. They also added in a couple of different Aliens from different series, but you get the idea. Usually, the only way to survive is to build a turret maze that the Aliens have to maneuver through.The Aliens come at you in waves, but if it takes you a long time to defeat a certain wave, then the next one will come while the current wave is still being fought off. They are trying to get from point A to point B, and you’re there to stop them. They can’t walk through your guns, and your guns don’t die. The way to buy guns is by means of killing Aliens. The more Aliens you kill, the more guns you can buy. You can also upgrade your guns all the way to level 6, but that also requires the money you get from killing Aliens. The only type of Alien that can bypass the maze is the flying helicopter Aliens. Fortunately, you can build anti-air guns. Its a pretty fun game. Check it out!

Xeno Tactics

I’ve gotten to Level 6, A.K.A the final level. Level 5 is extremely difficult, and level 6 is nigh impossible. I’ve gotten up to Wave 41 on Level 6, to be more specific. It is tough!

apparently this game wasn’t that great. But hey, who knows. When I saw this topic I thought it was like a Xenosaga game RPG or something gay like that, but I guess I was wrong.

It’s definitely something to check out. I’ll agree with you on that one.

i also got to lvl 6 (it’s hella hard, impossible to beat)!

then i quit because i got bored and played a tower defense game in WC3 instead =]