X-ray visor

Should this be the way the visor works?

  • Yes
  • No
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I say that if the visor doesn’t show Samus’ skeleton, it should be deflected by the armor like it would by any other metal (As far as I know)… and also, in the example, the sensors (Normally green or red lights) and visor absorb the X-rays…

Well? Thoughts?

No way in hell are we spriting every pose over again as a skeleton, so it likely will be done similarly… but with some actual SHADING…

I think that was just an example… but ya, that’s a good idea. Actually, that’s just how I pictured it! :stuck_out_tongue:

In real life metal reflects X rays. her suit would act like the lead vest you wear when you get an x ray. plus it would be more mp style

So the x-ray visor is just there to see stuff the combat visor dosen’t? At least how bout a HUD change like in normal MP?

i guess its good

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