X Megadragon's Sprite Thread!

It’s about time I make a sprite thread, and here I have:

Yes, it kinda stinks. I tried to make a “cartoonish” Dark Samus, but it didn’t come out as I expected.

Go ahead and laugh… :blush:

Next, are Gorflash, Friezha, and some sprites of Antharg:

I don’t think they’re that bad; any CC?

Friezha and Antharg are both good. But when will Antharg on Armor come?

And the two Dark Samus’s on the right look like this: :^_^: I mean like their faces look too happy. Er, visors. Visors look to happy.

ZOMG I should sig that.

Visors look happy??? Makes no sense!!!

Well, maybe Dark Samus is so happy to see ya so that she could kill you. XD

No, it’s about time you STOP. This is your THIRD REPEAT! I told you twice already now, you can only have one sprite thread!

Since you completely fail at following the rules, I’m locking them all. Don’t make another. I’ll unlock the one of your choice in a few days.

Unlocked at XMD’s request.

I like the Dark Samus. You gonna continue on it, or are those four the only ones you’ll make?

I’ll make more, but right now, I’ve been concentrating on making Omega Pirate.

It’s almost done, and I don’t want to quit on it just yet.

“but zomg that doesnt look lik omega pirate”

Well, I’m basing the sprite off of this version:


I took the liberty of changing his hands. Hope you like it.

Thanks, C75! :smiley:

It looks much better than before.

Your welcome, and um… thank you too!
Anyway, I think it’s looking pretty nice. Might be a bit too bright though.

Maybe I should make the legs darker, like the arms. I think the head is fine, though.

Sorry for the massive bump and double post. :blush:

I just wanted to show you all this:

Does anyone have CC?

woah, the dark samus ones are amazing!

thx for bringing back a 2 month old topic…

those look ok, btw, except for the feet.

What happened?? Who bumped this??? taps foot

redhalberd… kindmetroid can tell u >.> hes the one that bumped it and now MY newly bumped topic has gone down 1 topic. dont bump ever again, king metroid. XD

Whoa… I thought this topic would be long gone for sure! xD

Well, I’m making a side view version of Metroid Prime. I almost finished the entire tail so far; I’ll show ya all when I’m done. : )

EDIT: http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/3189/plsdontkillmenx3.png

Im glad you havent started spriting, but i can already tell you that the leg is badly innacurate (i made metroid prime once, so i know). Im not sure which leg it is, but it looks more like the back leg than anything else.

And no, i wont kill you.

Yes, it was inaccurate. And it was fixed.

It’s the back leg.

Oh, okay then. It’s fine now, though i cant be 100% sure since it’s hard to find clear screenshots of the backleg. But it’ll be huge when you finish it, you might want to do a resize.