X-box 360 poll

What is the reason you’re going buy the 360?

  • The new games
  • To play X-box 1 games
  • The new X-box Live
  • Halo 3
  • Huh? I’m not buying that piece of shit
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First off, I’m not too crazy about the release games. Second, $400! Damn. Third, I want to see what Sony and Nintendo has to offer before I rush into things.

Sony: PS3, incredible graphics.

Nintendo: Revolution, new sensor coltroler, freaky messed up Trailer.

Revo plz. 360 bai.


Yes. That was indeed my most articulate post ever.

On this forum, anyway. <_<

Yes, revo for me also. Too bad people never go read about the controller and make thier minds up that they don’t like it. How many “I used to hate the idea, but now I’ve read about it, I really like it.'s” have you heard? Too many.

I’m definetetly (how do you write it ?? :stuck_out_tongue:) gonna buy the revolution
ofcourse because I’m a huge nintendo and metroid fan and because I like the controller :smiley:

400 dollars is that like 400 euro’s or less than it pretty expensive…
I hope the rev is gonna cost like 100 a 200 euro’s, I know that 100 euro is very cheap but they said at the E3 that the rev will have quite a difference in price…

BASTARDS!!! :angry:
how can u not like it???
I mean what other fast loading?best online console has Halo 2 and Elder Scrools IV:Oblivion(best game ever)…Im still geting a crapy Rev just for a few games I actually care…Not to mention PS3 will kick console war ass!!!

as far as I can tell, the revolution is the only next gen system that will have anything BESIDES amped up power, graphics, and memory. Half of the power those systems will not use, not to mention ps3 and 360 are going to be loud. Vents roaring… don’t get me wrong, I’m still getting a PS3. But I’ll be happier when the revo is in my hands. I’ll still stay away from the XBox (I don’t have enough money to burn for all THREE systems…), but it’s still a pretty great system. I am in love with XBox live. And with free live on weekends… yeah, I wouldn’t mind having a 360 either.
off topic: Zone2H, could you state your opinion at least once in a while without swearing, yelling, or insulting in some way?
on topic again: If I had the money, I’d get a 360. But I’d really actually rather have a PS3. And another thing that is good about XBox systems: since it’s made by microsoft, they have experience with online…things. So there online stuff is probably going to be the dominent online system.

I’m really starting to doubt he can.

Consider this your public warning, kid. One more time, and you’re banned. For now, just a suspension. :sweat:

I am getting it for all 3
to play old xbox games cool ones, cuz i havn;t got xbox
to use the sick pad and sick dashbaord
more sicker games

Yeah, I wont have nearly enough money to aford any Next-Gen console!
Ill mouch off people who can!