i looked for some 3d model programs and they are unnaturally overpriced. 3ds max? $3500. Maya? $2000. is there any good but cheap ones?


ya thats free isn’t it?

yep. 100% freeware. ive dabbled in it, and its as good as any of the others. i would get it.

So I downloaded it and tried it out.

[21:05] <Dazuro|Blending> I think i did something wrong
[21:06] <Dazuro|Blending> i was trying to make a Star Destroyer, but i ended up with what appears to be a basketball with an erection being stalked by a sausage
[21:06] <Dazuro|Blending> :
[21:06] <Dazuro|Blending> that might be a car down in the corner there…

So yeah. I suck at this. :smiley:

for 20$, you can get milkshape too, but thats for more of making half-life models.

[temporarily removing link] <---- Milkshape

slowly points at warez then runs away

lol bet you don’t suck as much as me.

wtf are warez? am i gunna get banned now? they were on the same rule as posting links to porn and illegal software i think… =(

anyway, link temporarily removed due to me being afraid of being banned.

Er, the rule against warez is that you’re not supposed to post links to them. If there are no links (or directions) in your post more than “LERN2GEWGLE”, then you’re fine.

Warez are, technically speaking, programs that do illegal things, but MF meant any sort of illegal download, I guess.

thats kind of what i was thinking they were, although i found none on the site that i linked. i will withhold it ATM until i can clear it up with the mods. i’ll be pming daz or troid about it. im sure its fine though.

in the meintime, just google it, lazy bums. lol

If it costs money it is technically not illegal especially if it is on an official site, now torrenting this milkshape is a totally diff’t matter.

lol, I’m going to sig that. I have blender too, I don’t even know how to
make a simple shape. =/

Were all stupid.

I read that. It didn’t help much. I somehow got it in another ‘mode’ so half those commands didn’t actually exist. Restarting the program fixed that, but by then I was bored. >_>;

wow is it really that difficult? i havent downloaded it yet, but i plan on it.

Modelling is difficult, and yes, it is that difficult. I tried to make a cube… using the cube tool… and i failed… MISERABLY!

how did that happen? :O_O:

Maybe he made a sphere?

I couldn’t find the cube tool :frowning: