anyone here play it? i have a lvl 30 orc shaman and a lvl 9 undead warlock. if any of you wanna do some quests or anything, i’m on the wildhammer server.

yeah, im gettin wow soon.

Fragment would be much better than WOW if those fuckers in Bandai, Namco would release it here, eurrrrrg.

i have played WoW in a Private server and i liked it a bit, but i a much more Ragnarok and Lineage 2

this because i am a great warcraft Fan… this game sucks man…

I like WoW! I like wasting $15 a month to play a game I SPENT MONEY TO BUY! Even better! I can spend $50 again to get an expansion! And when I’m bored, I’ll keep spending $15 because they make cancelling to much of a hassle! Thankyou Blizzard for stealing my money!

I seriously like Guild Wars better because it dosen’t have a monthly fee.

stop your smart ass flaming

anyway, the new expansion has been announced. sounds like crap to me, frankly, but the burning crusade turned out to be better than the original when you get to outland, so at the moment i stand undecided as to whether i’ll get it. i still have to get to 70 anyway xD


i decided to give the game a 2?chance and got into the top 1 private server, and what do you think? it was the other server i played that was a crap, i am addicted in the game, have a lv 45 Blood Elf, and love to kill allies…

for anyone that think the game is a crap, give it a second chance, much better than lineage or guild wars, but Ragnarok is still number one to me…

i said the expansion looked like crap. i like the actual WoW =)

however, the only reason its addicting, i believe, is because you can never beat it…

Hairy Pomegranate, just like many other people on this forum, you are an insolent idiot! “=)” is not a word that is in the English dictionary, you foolish mortal! And like many others, you do not capatilize your “'I’s” you buffonish baboon! You do not deserve to speak or write our langauge!

“I”'s you idiot.

wait… is that right? i forgot O.o