Would Metroid work

w/ real time side-scrolling battles?

Think, and post for a while while I go make cruddy two color ms paint concept doodles.

Edit 1:

For some reason, I think isometric would be better, but it would obscure places were morphball holes would be.

Edit 2: And assume that the battle screen scrolls, and Samus (the thing firing at the other thing [which is a zoomer, or tallon crab without claws - I think]) was a bit smaller

Edit 3:

No. I dont like games like that anyway, but for metroid, it REALLY wouldnt work.

turning met into an rpg would take the action out of it… which is basically the main part of met games.

So real time battles sucks the action out of Metroid. I’ll take a note of that even thoughit doesn’t make sense.
People hate the rpg genre accusing it of being slow and such, and I hate that.

And further, my goal isn’t to make a Metroid game that plays like every other Metroid game, it’s to make one that feels different, built on the same principles, exploration, and discovery.

Anyhow, the only really issue, I see, is the exploration factor. From a top down view exploration becomes really hard to impliment. That’s why it REALLY wouldn’t work, right?

So the question becomes, “how can I make exploration the focus on the overworld?”

oh… real time. i thought u meant turn based or something. whacks head for not reading the whole post

I don’t think it would work, just because in Metroid, it’s partly about shooting stuff. :smiley:

I think you could make it work. Just model the combat system off of Zelda II and you’re golden. (If you don’t know what it is just find a ROM somewhere, also, you could play the LOZ bonus disc that came with the Gamecube)

Well I myself am an Rpg fan (if zelda is an rpg) but metroid would suck as an rpg really bad idea :sweat:

The intelligence of most of these posts is way below zero.

Not a single person has made a definite reason why it would suck. That’s partly because of negligence on their behalf, but also due to the fact that the idea doesn’t have many, if any, flaws. Lumie did an awesome job trying to think of ways to make this work well, and it effing works, people. Yes, it’s unorthodox, yes, it will be difficult to make the action very enjoyable (a new screen for every zoomer would get REALLY annoying), but if done properly, and thought through a bit more, it would be a really awesome idea.

The nerve of you people, shooting him down when he spent hours thinking about this, and you spent less than a minute. At least give it a bit of thought before you say it’s a “really bad idea”…

My name is not zero. :sweat: And you are right but think of fighting SA-X,Dark Samus or Metroid Prime it would be really annoying would it not?
(offtopic): Why did you call me Zero? >_>


omega, read my post again. You um…

You misread it, suffice to say. I wasn’t addressing just you.

… what the hell? How did that…? O_o I am so confused by that post. The only way I can possibly see that as being directed towards him were if it were an insult saying “everyone here is so stupid they’re even dumber than omega”, and since he didn’t complain about THAT, I’m completely at a loss for how that was interpreted <_>

Try reading it with a comma.

The intelligence of most of these posts is way below, zero.

Go figure. <______<

For the win.
passes Cookie

Reading this topic for the first time I honestly liked the idea.
Not sure about already having the equipment. I would like the pain of having to find each weapon and then get to leveling it. XD
Since I could like, crazily level just a certain beam and yiff.
(Unless there are actual enemies that resist the cheese…ew, lol)

But I like this ‘RPG’ idea alot. To ADVENTURE.

There’s already an attempt to create a RPG game of Metroid :

xdragonsb 's Metroid YZ

I must say I was quite doubtful of the game since it’s being made with ZeldaClassic, but once you play it, you just want more! Really, it’s an interesting idea and you should try it. I do agree though, it removes some of the intense action a regular Metroid game has.

Ok Timaster sorry 'bout that.Oh and that game(Metroid Rpg >_>[Not the real name] )looks umm…cool but AleX_XelA you should post a screenshot just so that people don’t have to register to see it. :sweat:

That game is created with Zelda Classic because it’s Zelda. Not Metroid.
It just has Metroid sprites and music and such. (It’s fun as hell, too >_>)

I played a different Zelda Classic Metroid before (by a … Polygon2000 or something like that?), and it was NOT just Zelda with Metroid sprites. It was very much just overhead Metroid, with weapons and abilities from all over the series used in innovative ways in Metroid-esque locations. Just because it’s Zeldaspawn doesn’t mean it can’t be Metroid.

I haven’t played that one, though, so maybe my comments don’t apply–but my point stands in general. >_>

Oh, wait, I thought that that was the one he linked to >_>;;

But uh, it was very well done, but the only thing that made it Metroid is that you had infinite ammo… all of the same items were there, and worked the same way.