WOTW Sprites and Artwork

Here the first sprites of the game but I’m working on it.

Metroid Oblivion Varia suit

Its small but I will get a bigger one up here soon.

Its good but the shoulder is not connected to the body.

It is… by a string. And the theighs are waaaay too small sompared to the lower-legs.

i like chibi sprites =p looks cool except for the shoulders where they connect to the body

Too many colors, too much contrast. =p

I wouldn’t say there are too many colors, but the contrast may be a little much. The proportions are definitely wrong, and it’s really not a very good idea to make a front-facing sprite first. The arm is too fat, the feet are too fat, the thighs are too thin, the body is too small, the shoulders are not connected enough, and the shoulders are connected too high (the connection is too low on the shoulders).

My pirates and MH’s Samus both started as front views… <.<;

Here the one a little bit bigger.


Make the shoulders a bit smaller and get rid of some of that weird green stuff. I know it needs the green stuff, but I think there’s too much of it.
To MMCoy: NOW do you see there’s too many colors? :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, no. I originally zoomed in on it with Paint to decide upon my response, like with any sprite I plan on responding to. The number of colors is fine.

And Daz… Are you sure they didn’t start as pieces of a front view?

They did… >>;

Where’s the left side of the beam? Or right, from Samus’s perspective.

I’d tone down all the black and try to make it smoother; It’s kind of choppy.

Well, Oblivion must be a semi almost partially common fangame name… my mistake, next time I’ll get something more original.

Ever notice that a lot of people have the tendancy to make the shoulders bigger then Samus’s head?

They ARE bigger… on the varia, anyway.

Well, not twice the size of it. Maybe close to the same size, but not so big that Samus could live in them…

I think he meant taller. They are bigger, but only a teeeeeeensy bit taller, I think…

I planing to transfer it over to my new computer since my old one don’t have enough memory to run a lot of program and then make the adjustments to it. Thank for the nice replys.

Here my Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Varia suit
Samus Aran varia suit

dont know what style your trying to go for but try to optimize it

I’ll give you am example of what you can turn your sprite into…

…those arnt sprites…