worst metroid game?

please other than m2 :frowning:

Uh… Ok… This isn’t even in poll form. I know you’re new, but you don’t do it like this. You say “Start New Poll” instead of “New Topic” and then list the games as choices for people to vote on.

original metroid is too hard to play, so i say it =)

Pinball. Can not save.

I’d Say… Fusion

damn you suck dom master


anyways, im thinking m2

just seemeed a bit not as good.

thank you :smiley: I had no clue what that new poll meant

Stop the Me bashing please.
The only reason I hate fusion is the linearness. It added some features to the game. But took the metroidy feel away. I like the bosses (except SA-X, not creapy enough) but it feels like a “Randomly go to places then kill some easy boss before we tell you the tory!” not a metroid game.

His right i won fusin like 10 times and im just 7 In two month 8

that explains your grammar.

I dont see how you can hate fuzion.

The original is way to friggin hard, but M2 doesnt have a map, and is confusing as hell. I guess metroid 2 probably.

m2 cause it was confusing and mapless and B&W on the gameboy.

and yes, fusion was EASY but its linearness gave it a definate storyline and that is what it needed. if you could skip around thigns in fusion, it would be SO messed up with the CO messages and whatnot. i enjoyed the bosses and the X in general.

mp2 or mph
mp2-the light world dark world scenario pissed me off alot
mph it doesn’t live up to the metroid name it like the story mode was an afterthought and thrown together quickly

and metroid fusion was a great game

Stop the Me bashing please.

relax man, im joking

just really liked fusion, dont see how it could be hated worst, i would think you would pick metroid hunters.

I haven’t played hunters yet, And I really like the origanal metroid and m2,

Prime would come second for me. The artifacts are too confusing

prime 2 is way more tedious with collecting something near end of game thing.

I meant the prime series in general. I don’t want to use AR codes just to fight mp. I can’t find any of the keys/artifacts

Then you must just suck at exploring, because they’re easy as hell to find, and plenty of regular items are far harder. Hell, the gmae tells you the exact room names they’re in.

again i didnt find mp2 that great…the “light world” and “dark world” screnerio was annoying

Well the least liked was:

Metroid 2
Metroid Fusion