World Of Starcraft

Do you think there should be a World Of Starcraft?A rpg like World Of Warcraft.That would be awsome.Last year in april fools gamespot posted a picture of it.Look at this.

They probly just modded world of warcraft.But i wish world of starcraft would be real.

Dude I’d buy it… as long as I have a job. $14.99 a month is WAY TOO MUCH FOR ME.

I would buy it too.It would be cool if it would cost $6.00 or less!

I’m sure you can ask your parents for 5$ a week. I can get 50$ a month… <_< Unfortunately I like wasting small amounts of money. =)

Hey, what a wonderful idea! Make it cost less than it costs them to keep the servers running! Losing money ALWAYS helps companies stay in business! Down with profit! 8D

You gotta remember, MMO’s aren’t like other games. They get patched, expanded, maintenance’d, etc. all the time. They have constant GM monitors that have to be paid, they have to be extra careful about servers staying up because fans get gypped of money if they go down for too long… MMO’s are damn expensive to run compared to any other online game. Especially for ones based on an established genre. EVERYONE loves SC and WC and FF, so their respective MMO’s were much more popular than a random new one would have been (Everquest aside–since that one paved the way, really), thus vastly increasing server strain.

Of course, I might be totally BSing all of that, but while I have no cold facts, it makes sense and is based on factual evidence nonetheless… and there must be a reason for them all being around that price.

Daz, I’ma gonna hand it to you, you are RIGHT IN ONE AREA. MMOS cost a shitload to make. You got to remember though, Guild Wars, Les ultimate MMORPG for cheap-asses. They use band-width saving code and guess what? No monthly charges. Now of course, they DO have to release $50 expansions every once in a while but…