Won't this go the same way as OOT2D?

As in, Nintendo ordering the maker(s) to stop, otherwise they get sued? Sorry if i’m missing something, but it’s the same basic thing, isn’t it?

Didn’t OOT2D have ripped sprites and thats the reason? P2D is doing everything from scratch.

Yeah, with Nintendo’s fangame policy, they’ll allow it as long as nobody is making any money from it. And as you can clearly see, nobody is.

What happened with OOT2D is the guy got too lazy and claimed that Nintendo had shut the project down just so he could get out of it.

Correct. OOT2D is not shut down in any way. In fact, the creator even has a topic regarding it here to show that he’s still alive.

would it be illegal to heir an extremly good programmer for like 10 bucks? ir is that illegal 2?

What “extremely good” programmer do you think is gonna work for 10 bucks. Extremely good programmers make more than 10 bucks an hour, and they would certainly complete a game engine much faster than P2D’s programmers. :sweat:

And to answer your question: No, it ain’t illegal.

Ok, now I understand the reason. I don’t know much about OOT2D… :sweat:

yeah the question was pretty much if it was illegal to make ANY profit.

Don’t think so. It’s illegal for the team as a whole to make profit for people to play the game, but I believe that paying someone for labor is always legal unless they’re underage or illegal immigrants (not that that stops many people 'round here, but I digress >_>;;)…

Not that it matters, though, as we wouldn’t shell out cash for a programmer anyway. We’ll stick with what freelance volunteers. It’s cheaper, and it’s better to stay on the safe side just in case.

O…k… I see…

lock this

That was quite possibly the greatest post we’ve ever had.

Oh, hands down.

Is it just me, or is necroposting the new black? All three of this guy’s posts have been in long dead topics. Except, technically, the FAQ topic.