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What do you use?

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I have Windows.I’ve had Windows my whole life.If you don’t know what is mac and windows they are operating systems for a computer.They are not windows on the wall or big macs from mcdonolds.

Windows to play games on a mac takes a shit load of effort on the gamers part

Macintosh are computers. MacOS is the operating system.

… What’s wrong with you? Have you ever used a Mac?

I prefer Mac. No viruses or crap like that and the best OS ever.

i do have to admit that MacOS seems to run smoother and is more stable. But, when it comes to choosing, i choose a windows just because most games you can play on windows fine, you can’t play on a mac. Also, windows are more universal, so it’s easier to discuss with your friends than macs.

When it comes to 2D/3D graphics and movie/music editing, Windows is pretty useless compared to OSX. A UNIX based machine will always be more stable than Windows. And since that is what I do with my computer, I choose Mac.
I play games on videogame consoles.

And if you own an Intel Mac, you can install Windows on it if you want to.

I use Windows, because it’s what I grew up using and what I’m used to. Yeah, all the Microsoft software is pretty crappy (such as Internet Explorer and the latest few Windows Media Players… bleh!), but all of it (other than the OS itself, since that defeats the purpose of having a Windows) can be replaced with some really nice, lightweight third-party stuff (such as Media Player Classic and FireFox).

Viruses and other such attacks from the internet aren’t a problem at all for me due to a wireless router and some firewall/anti-virus stuff (which has picked up absolutely nothing since I got the router a long time ago–a router is pretty much all you need to stay safe, other than some common sense).

XP rarely has any of those infamous BSOD’s or random memory crashes for me. In fact, the last time I got a BSOD was when I ran a joke BSOD screensaver–A very long time ago. Apparently PC’s today are represented by what they were 7 years ago.

And, I just prefer the whole general interface over the Mac’s. Windows is more… window-based, while Macs are more program-based. So, instead of clicking to get right to the window you want, you click to get to the program, then have to make more clicks if the window that comes up for that program isn’t the window you want, and closing out of all the windows of a program doesn’t close the program, so closing the program takes a few extra clicks. Who knows, it might actually be far superior to the Windows style, but I’ve grown up with Windows, so Macs just feel clunky to me…

So I see no reason to make a big change. Half the stuff I do on Windows can’t be done in the way I prefer or at all on other OS’s, and there’s not enough unique to other OS’s that interests me.

I own and use quite a few Microsoft computers. And quite a few Mac Computers.

My first choice is definetly a Microsoft computer because that’s what I’m used to.

My LA (Language Arts teacher) hates Bill Gates because he likes the Mac. I really don’t see how you can like a Mac, seeing:
Virus problem non-existant with proper software (AVG Free and Ad-Aware are both great free softwares)
Most programming languages runs only on Windows
Mac-only games are pretty much non-existant.
Most free software runs only on Windows

Me personally, I would pick Windows over everything. I’ve used Macs before, but I just don’t get the feeling like I’m at home like I do with Windows.

You’re fooling yourself. MS has repeatedly shown the inability or the unwillingness to design sensible security measures into their OS, hence the need for complex add-on anti-malware systems. The occurances of zero-day exploits are so numerous though one should never consider themselves safe. I hear Vista is much better, but less so for 32bit than 64bit installs.

Mac OS X isn’t perfect, but Apple has been pro-active, quick to respond to theoretical threats. As a result anyone whose tried to create proof-of-concept exploits has been unable to create anything on-par with the typical Windows worm. While Mac users are theoretically just as vulnerable to trojans & spyware, due to the fundamental design of the OS, such software has fewer ways to install itself and be sneaky.

Actually, I doubt that’s true. Mac OS benefits from being a UNIX variant. I’d bet most language that have been made for Windows and not POSIX have been high-price systems for business or vertical markets. With the success Linux has had in those markets I doubt many future products will be Window-only in the future. Since the 80s, most useful programming languages are developed for POSIX systems first, ported to Windows and other different platforms later.

True. As Mac and Linux marketshare continues to increase more software will be portable. Pick any Windows free software project and you’ll likely find an effort to port to other platforms. In many cases its easy to make software portable from the outset.

For games like this one for example, coding to the cross-platform libraries, like SDL & ASL, in place of Windows APIs would make it easily ported out of the box. For 3d titles, OpenGL is usually as capable as directx, and is continually keeping up with the capablities of new graphic cards. But also, as emulation gets better & better, more apps and games will run well under wine.

That’s called familiarity. But does using a Mac make you cringe though? Because that’s the feeling most Mac users get when they submit to with the awkwardness of Windows. As with security issues, I hear Vista is somewhat better, something I welcome.


Vista sucks hard: you can only re-load the OS from one disk twice (bad news for me considering i like to re-make my computer around every six months), to run any game older than 6 months old from now you have to spend half a hour looking for the games appropriate patch and then another hour downloading it :imp: , the actual vista theme takes around 1 gigabyte or ram to run(or something), and it crashes regularly. I would change my vote to Mac but I hear they are fixing it, upgrades include “direct X 11” or so I hear which is a 9,10 hybrid.

IMO vista’s a waste of a computer. first of all, you have your xp here with 1gig or less ram. you decide to get a vista, and you need ANOTHER gig just to do anything worthwhile on it (like playing WoW)

I’ve heard that the average amount of time it takes for a new Windows PC to get a virus after it’s connected to the internet is about 10-15 minutes (but maybe that’s changed now with Vista). Microsoft just loves sending you their computers completely vulnerable and making you add on the security part yourself.

I cringe whenever I use a Windows PC that is 2000/ ME or older. That terrible default background color, the annoying skin, the terribly slow explorer.exe that freaks out when you do anything too fast, the habit of loading something unknown with a really high priority right when you’re doing something important, usually they’re found with the oldest monitors known to man, and for some reason businesses and public places like schools still use them… The whole thing is just slow and ugly. XP is completely better. Are you sure you’re not thinking of one of those old versions?