Windows 7


I, personally, am not that much of a fan of it, but hopefully SP1 will bring it up to Vista’s speed.

Either way, after finding the $30 student offer, I decided to pick me up a copy anyways. I’ll be getting Pro x64, as they don’t offer Ultimate to students.

Student link (You must have a valid student email):

Crap. My college doesn’t supply email addresses, I threw away my tuition receipt, I’ve lost the purple folder that had my schedule in it, and my student ID doesn’t have my name on it… Arrrgh.

my college got it free
I’ve been a satisfied customer these past few weeks. Hasn’t really given me any trouble. It’s better than XP in a lot of ways, though I wish they had cleaned more of it up. Some of it is just lazily copied. Kind of lame imo.

If i was American I might be able o et it, not that I’d want to.

“always wait for SP1” wise words from my neighbour

besides I want ultimate so I can use XP mode to play Metal Gear Solid 2 (yes I bought the PC version)

Pro does that too.

Anyways, I found out it doesn’t like either of my copies of Vista. AKA I got to buy a new OS, and since Vista is cheaper than XP, ima do that. xD

you mean your OS’s don’t like the 7 install disk?

No, 7 doesn’t like the OS’.

It keeps saying so. xD

so torrent XP and insert the disk >_>

It’s got to be a legit, installed copy. :S