Will there be a justin bailey code?

well will there??

um…dude…i dont think there will be any code at all >_>

they could make like a password system or something like that…

thats what i meant, although the password will obviously be JUSTIN BAILEY lol

Saved game slots > Passwords. I really doubt we’ll end up going with a password system, since Prime doesn’t have it and it’s annoying for both the programmer and the players anyway.

to king-

want to see women wearing near nothing, look it up on google!



Srry, i luv O rly owls. Course you can. Unless you parental controls or some goddam dignity.

…i have dignity…kinda…

and anyways, why would a person want cheatcodes in this day and age? you should earn something…not put numbers in…

…so…why did the owl call me a liar again?

That was sarcasm. Google lets you find anything, the owl was trying to protect the innocent minds of those not corrupted by male hormones. And even if there was Justin baily, it shouldn’t be unlockable by cheat codes.

Needs a big head code.

Big head > Just in bailey
>_> You could just blow the head up a bit and re paste it onto the sprites.

if its a big head, it should be a bobble head

bobble heads > big heads > just in bailey

awsome!! bobble head code ftw!!

me wants! me wants!

I still want a minisamus unlockable.

How about slow motion and fast motion?

how about super fast motion, and really fast motion? XD

How about no?

Look, people have said already, codes are very unlikely, as they weren’t in Metroid Prime.

Not codes, unlockables. Codes dont feel like you earned them anyway.

how about… UNLOCKIBLE CODES… wait another stupid idea by yours truely…