will the Fusion Suit be in the game

So will it? :confused:

We’re planning on having a variety of unlockable suits. :slight_smile:

Cool like what?

Will Dark Samus be one of them?

I don’t believe so, Dark Samus didn’t exist in Metroid Prime :cry:

Might wanna check here.

Well, actually, Dark Samus IS Metroid Prime in a corrupted Phazon Suit.

And just because Metroid Prime hasn’t assumed that form yet doesn’t mean we can’t put it in the game. It can be an easter egg of sorts.

Exactly what was explained in the topic I linked. :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew someone was going to say that, Dark Samus wasn’t introduced until MP2 so she doesn’t exist in MP1. (But yay, easter eggs!)

Y’know what else would be cool? A GF trooper. Or some of the hunters from MPH.

The hell? That’s like saying you can’t make a 3D Metroid 2: Return of Samus game, because 3D games never existed back then.

Although it would be wierd fighting Metroid Prime with Dark Samus… >_> I suppose you could be right.

They’re just skins. <_<

Metroid Prime has the fusion suit, and samus won’t be infected by the X for another few years or so, but it isn’t weird. It’s just a skin. DS is a large possability, unless we decide to do a sequal, then that’s where DS’ll probably be.

…072, YOU made the damn sticky about not asking questions here, and yet even YOU, who posted here already, forgot to move this topic? Shame on you. :stuck_out_tongue: moves

I like that idea :K



Actually I was going to do that, but I forgot to during my post. >_>

DS would be cool but the GF Trooper would be of the hook :smiley:>

Ummm, ya… If you do add the GF Trooper, will it be that one I’v seen in the GFX Board? I forget who made it… :confused:

um…actually, dark samus IS in metroid prime!

at the very end…yeah it is only a hand…but still, it is dark samus never the less.

i think it would be cool, since of course it is the last thing you see during the game if you got a good percentage your first time.

thanks for putting work into this game, even though gamemaker is most likely very hard to work with as a long and full game creator, you guys are so clam! :smiley:

I think there should be several unlockable easter egg suits, like fusion suit, suitless, and dark samus and each would have a special ability- dark samus being the best of course. Like in the playstation version of the old Spiderman! There were tons of costumes with different abilities.

The only time you get to see Dark Samus hand in MP is when you have 100% of items, but I don’t like the Fusion Suit that much so try to make a custom suit of some short. (Is the typing better or bad ?)