Will "Prime 2D" be 100% FREE!?


Basicly the title sais it all.
Will anyone have to pay any money for this game or will it be 100% free?

It’s a fangame, that you will download. You won’t buy it at a store, so I’m almost 100% positive that it will be free.

I think that Nintendo will sue their asses off if they charge you anything for the game.

Oh thats great,

…i think a direct assasinatin with the new revolution nun-chuck controller is more likely…and yes, all fangames are free! (a fangame is not original)

p2d is 100% free and will always be 100% free.

Good. Need to save for the Revoloutian. (I know its name but I refuse to say it)

Okey I’ll say it for you. Wii
What I like the name.What wrong with the name Wii.

makes me want to PEE my pants with laughter at the crazy name myself

i think wii sounds too kiddy-ish, if i had to borrow money from my parents to buy it, and they asked what i was buying, i would say pot long before wii, lol

Grow up already. -_-

yes the name is good

The name: is good
The thread: is spam