Will it support a usb controller?

Will this game support a usb controller. i found several on amazon.

If it’s one you can program buttons to, no worries. Other then that, who knows. I can’t remember how many buttons game maker supports for a game pad/joy stick, but maybe it doesn’t support enough buttons for the whole interface. Like if it only supports four buttons and the directional buttons, that’s not nearly enough…

game maker supports up to 32 buttons and 6 axis

Destroyer F has already said that the custom controls will not be joystick compatible. However, if you want to use a controller to play, there are free programs on the internet that will turn controller input into keyboard input, allowing you to play P2D with your controller.

Maybe I’ll throw in joystick support after all. I’d love to play the game with my snes controller that I hooked op on my pc. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you guy informed if it works or not.

You can use your joystick now. The program is a bit complicated, read the help file first.
anyway, I’ve tested it with my snes controller, and it works :smiley:
The only bad thing is that it’s a 30day free trial, but yea… cough wink wink cough

Or, again, you could get a controller that you can assign keyboard buttons to. the ones I’ve seen cost about $20 more then normal ones, but… shrug

I would realy like controler suport too because it allows for a more realistic and belivable gaming experencejavascript:emoticon(‘:D’)

Use Logitech. I plan on getting a Logitech PS2 style controller soon. It’ll be perfect for MPIVA (New codename for Metroid Aurora)