We’re on wikpedia again:

Seem like I’ve changed my name to DestroyerZ, and I’m the leader of SCU >_> Who on earth writes these things?

That page needs some editing…

It needs some serious editing.

We KNOW P2D is under construction (since we’re working on it lol), and a couple things have changed.

I’ve done some quick editing. Most of the errors have been fixed now.

But isn’t P2D still being worked on? Shouldn’t you include some stuff about the latest demo, mabye include some links?

Ye gods, that’s the most horrific article ever. Needs major rewriting on practically every section.

Too bad I just woke up and really don’t feel like fixing it right now. >>

Wow, that’s a horribly inaccurate, undetailed, and depressing article. Take some stuff from here, which appears to be the old Wikipedia article. (Better written albeit just as inaccurate)

Refia and I just rewrote it quite a bit.

Troid, that article kicks this one’s ass, but I dunno if we can use it if it’s from another wiki that only “APPEARS” to be Wikipedia…

Lol, I see you removed the yoyo games link :smiley:

Troid, that article is pretty good, a section ‘demo history’ or something should be included on the wiki page.

Great, the article is already marked for deletion :unamused: Anyone know how to fix this? I’m no wikipedia expert…

Fortunately there’s a quick summary of the whole notability article at the top, for those of us not familiar with the jargon and wordings:
“A topic is presumed to be notable if it has received significant coverage in reliable secondary sources that are independent of the subject.”

In other words, we need to incorporate sources into the article. Seeing as we have none even listed there (not even the Nintendojo article) I can see why someone wouldn’t think this is worthy of notice.

So… Gather together some of the articles we’ve been featured in, cite them as sources, and revise the article to include info from them. I guess. Do it by the 25th.

We were in EGM, right?

Yeah. That was the “Back to the Beginning” article. Here be it.

Haha, oh wow.

Well, seeing as it’s being deleted tomorrow night, I might as well post the page’s code here in case we lose it and ever want to bring it back.

[size=2]{{dated prod|concern = {{{concern|doesn’t seem to meet [[WP:NN]]}}}|month = August|day = 20|year = 2007|time = 22:43|timestamp = 20070820224331}}

{{Otheruses4|the game|the original|Metroid Prime}}

‘’‘’‘Prime 2D’‘’‘’ is a fan-made 2D [[platformer]] game for the PC–as the name implies, it intends to be a 2D recreation of [[Nintendo]]'s [[Metroid Prime]]. Prime 2D is under development by a fan-based team called Team SCU, a group of roughly 50 programmers, spriters, sound rippers, and music composers. The creator of Prime 2D, MetroidHandler, started working on Prime 2D in April 2004, 2 years after the release of [[Metroid Prime]] (which he said was “Unlike any other [[Metroid]] game in existence”), bringing together some friends, and creating the game on the forums, thus beginning the creation of Prime 2D. The team used the game design program [[Game Maker]] in the demo, but a custom engine is planned to be used for the final game, called [[MetEngine]].

The story and setting are identical to the original game, but the audio/video are custom-made by the team, and the gameplay is based largely on [[Super Metroid]].

All the sprites are fan-made, as is the music and some sound effects. The design is somewhat similar to that of the [[1994]] [[SNES]] game [[Super Metroid]], and has many of its features, such as the ability to dash, and spin-jump (features that were not included in [[Metroid Prime]]). All the regions from the original game such as Magmoor Caverns and Tallon Overworld exist, but are also remade to fit the new [[2D]] prospective.

Starting in April 2004, the original team leader, ‘’‘’‘MetroidHandler’‘’‘’, started plans on recreating the [[Nintendo]] [[Gamecube]] game, [[Metroid Prime]], into a “normal” [[Metroid]] game, a [[2D]], [[Side-scrolling]], [[Platformer]]. He brought his idea up on the forums (SCU forums), and quickly got a lot of support from the forum members. Using the program [[Game Maker]], production on ‘’‘’‘Prime 2D’‘’‘’ started shortly after planning and went on for the next 2 years. The team managed to create a total of 8 BETA versions, including a weapons and physics demo, most of the “build demos” took place on [[Space Pirate]] [[Frigate]] Orpheon. Unfortunately, in late 2006, production stopped, due to both the forums dying, and the lead programmer getting a job, which (according to him) “means there isn’t much time left for P2D.” It is currently unknown whether production on ‘’‘’‘P2D’‘’‘’ will be completed, though many of the resources are already finished.

==See also==
*[[Metroid Prime]]

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