I just got the Wii finally today and I’ll tell you – it pwns. All I have is Wii sports right now, but I want to get MP3 and ZTP, and a few other games too. Do you guys have it? If so, do you like?

Lol. Got it on launch, Nov. 19, after waiting 7 hours in line, starting at 2 o clock in the morning. It was worth it though.

I got Twilight princess (which I beat 2 weeks later), Wii sports (duh), and Redsteel (which I dont entirely regret).

Twilight princess is the best game I’ve ever played. Redsteel was worth it, because the shooting controls make it worth replaying, even though it’s mediocre, and repetitive.

This topic is Outrageous.

Check in the gaming section for an official Wii topic.

Oh, I get it…outra…ah never mind. <_< >_>