Wii sports

which is your favoirte Wii sptors??

  • Wii bowling
  • Wii tennis
  • Wii baseball
  • Wii golf
  • Wii Boxing
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I like … i don’t no… maybe this poll wii have more post when more people have da Wii
Btw, if you don’t belive that there is Wii Boxing click here

Post in the right forum, please.

For me it’s a tie between baseball and boxing. I suck at bowling in real life and in the game (for the same reasons, amazingly–the balls always curve left for me. And my parents always get double my score). Tennis is a little repetitive and loses its fun after a while, and everybody I’ve faced is too easy to beat (human or CPU). Golf would be a whole lot better if it had its glitches fixed (difficult and frustrating to putt, mostly unresponsive golf club swinging, mostly random swing power level…). But virtual baseball is always fun for me, and boxing is just awesome, so those two are my favorite.

le Tenis is fun for me, because… because I like green… >_>

Then… wouldn’t you prefer Golf…? <_< >_>

Gets Slapped

Yeah, I like tennis too.

THat’s odd… I’ve yet to play it, but Manda said that Golf was the best by far and it was great and very responsive.

I like tennis and baseball. Tennis because it’s responsive, and feels realistic, but I mainly like baseball because you get to use a bunch of your other miis. When you have a bunch of your favorite miis and the field, it makes the game more fun to watch. BTW, what are some of your miis anyway?

My favorites are:
Rock Lii (based on Rock Lee)
Vegiito (based on Vegito)
Rikii ross (lol, based on rick ross)
Samus (didnt call her Samii)

When I get a Wii today I’ll tell you the one I like most.

As for Miis…
I’ll make:
Luke Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker
A ninja
The terminator(The now 38th governor of California)
The two guys form mythbusters

TENNIS! :smiley:>

tennis is good i play a lot yet i have to buy a new wii controler my bro broke mines lol :sweat:

btw this is my first post

lol I made a Mii of Rock Lee, and I must say golf are t3h rockzorz

i like golf too but tennis better :stuck_out_tongue: