which is better

  • wii
  • ps3
  • x-box 360
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i think wii :smiley:

As of right now, 360. As soon as the Wii has more than 1 good game, the Wii. The Wii has far more potential, but the 360 has a pretty good system as well, with a much bigger headstart in terms of getting people to make games for it.

Owning a Wii, I’m biased, but I think the XBox was brillient for online gaming.
The PS(Crap)3 does nothing the XBox can’t, but XBox has the only perfect online service.
However, MP3 is a total converter, no other console can give you that level of satisfaction.
Example, Skytown, Elysia, just before dropping the ‘bomb’.
Jumping up into the escape pod, pressing your tired hand aginst the scanner.
‘This escape pod is offline, opening maintenance tunnel’
I thought then ‘Crap!’, so I rushed round to the back, and got to work with my welding cannon, bzzzzzzaaaaw!
Ripping the old rusty gate from it’s hinges, I fixed that too.
I made it, with my suit alerting me I had seconds left, jumping up, pressing the button, and finally, pushing up that lever, and blasting back to skytown.
Oh, incredible depth, immersion and all!
God, I love that game.

Wii will be better once it gets more than 3 good games. A lot of the games are minigames, which bothers me because tha’s what killed the DS for me.

Indeed… MP3, Zelda, and Smash Bros. Brawl will keep me entertained for ever. Seriously. For ever. I don’t think I’ll ever be bored with Smash…
And I agree, Dragon… I knew they would have a mass of games that were an “example of the wii’s versatility”… with a couple of fun ones.

ther are 2 good games for the wii so far: metroid prime 3 and zelda twilite princess
each properly use all of the wii’s functions

Twilight princess is supposed to be better for the gamecube, so I didn’t count it.

Is this topic really necessary, just wondering?

When Galaxy and Brawl are out, Wii will be the best. At the moment, Brawl is lookign better than Halo 3.

SSBB + level editor = Undeniable awesomness.

i agree.

Obviously, it’s the PC.

Don’t question my logic, or my logic will question you, and it has a flamethrower.

Be that as it may, my logic questions your logic, and it has the T-virus. That being, it’s a mindless zombie that’s stubborn as hell and doesn’t so much care if your logic makes sense. That, and if it bites you, you’re fucked.
It’s also ugly.

But I don’t really agree. PC’s have more potential, power wise, but also cost more money to reach that potential. You could never get something that has the power a wii does, or the graphics a wii has, or the awesome gameplay (and game controller) a wii has out of a computer for the same price as a Wii.

… and yesssss, ssbb will kick all ass, and own anything that THINKS they own ass.
I just wish that the “map of the day” didn’t disappear at the end of the day… I want to download the cool ones.

Your statement about logic was illogical. Logic can not have a flamethrower, because logic is incapable of being a physical entity, and therefore is incapable of using physical devices. If your logic was in fact powerful enough to wield a flamethrower, you would immediately discover, through the use of your logic, that it could not use a flamethrower.

By using MY, significantly more powerful logic however, I can determine that the Wii has the largest possibility for overall sales victory. It’s cheaper, offers more variety, and appeals to a larger gaming audience. Three years ago, the average gaming age was 33. Imagine what it could be now…34…or maybe even 35.6492…5.

There are more points that could be made, mostly revolving around the games themselves, but I hold those points to be self-evident, and see no reason to make them. Or else.

(P.S. Perfection is an unattainable trait. Therefore, everyone is imperfect. If everyone is imperfect, than they are all the same. If they are all the same than everyone is perfect. Except for me. I’m more perfect.)

Uh…Yes. I agree. Anyways, as soon as Galaxy comes out, the Wii will already have new purpose for me. Then, when Brawl comes out, the Wii will be the best console for this and probably next generation. That’s all I can say right now. Will be back with an edit later today.