WII internet channel

sorry for starting a new topic, but IM currently posting from my wii internet channel demo. while there are some problems such askew the word size, its perfectly functional and pretty sweet.

cool, hey could you do me a favour, if you don’t already know could you find out if you could download P2D on tour Wii?

that would be awsome, you would be able to use the classic controller to play, but i doubt p2d will be playable on wii. I SO FUCKING HOPE SO THOUGH. will wii net even support gamemaker? well, if it supports flash…

No, it won’t support exe… You can’t actually download things, aside from streaming video and stuff. Even then, I’m fairly sure it has to be flash. It wouldn’t play quicktime… at least, not yet. But typing messages with good grammar is kinda super tedious, and it decided that it looks good to put a US after every period…

All it can do is open webpages and images, and it supports flash and java. No raw audio or video files, definitely not a zip file with exe’s and resources.

It’s pretty nice, but it sometimes takes a ridiculously long time to connect to sites, the giant bar taking up 1/4th of the screen with 4-5 giant buttons on it NEEDS to go, and you should be able to zoom in to whatever level you want wherever you want (instead of just in and out, with annoying variance in the depth amount).

But seeing as it’s only a beta and those things could easily be fixed by the final version, it’s pretty awesome.

Lol, im writing this from my wii to! i hope nintendo makes a keyboard that is for the wii. :slight_smile:

that would make things quicker, so i hope they do.

if it currently does not have a keyboard, what do you use to type?

A keyboard comes up on the screen that you point at and then click A to select the letter… super tedious.
Just wondering… anyone tried to play, like, java or flash games?

Wiicade.com has games made specifically for the Wii, but otherwise you’ll have to do some searching for ones that only use the mouse. There’s a lower framerate than on a (decent) computer, but they’re easier to control.