Wii Friend Codes

edthedestroyer: 6687-2285-5926-3386

Help people unlock extras for MP3:Corruption by giving them Friend Vouchers. I have 12 Vouchers to give out but I need people to give 'em to. The first person that posts their codes and agrees to exchange some with me (:D) with receive a cookie and 2 additional Vouchers plus the number you give me. Thats teh number of Vouchers you give me with two more thrown in for being first (ED WANTS BOBBLE-HEAD!! :E). Do I have any takers?


Antidote: 8285-8615-5778-4571


Redhalbert: 7008-2113-2957-2539

s123i68: 2560-2999-4611-8675

SNIPER: 8692-7388-4215-6793

Troid92: 4926-4242-7310-4470

<.< Ed, I don’t have prime 3 yet but Here is my FC anyway: 8285 8615 5778 4571
Please add me =D

How long till you get? Today right? You will love it :wink: I’ll add you now.

I wish <.< it will come in sometime next week, hopefully Tuesday.

How the hell do I get my Wii friend code?

Go to message board, than address book.

s123i68’s friend code:2560-2999-4611-8675

I have a copy of MP3:C and 17 vouchers. Message me if your interested.

Hook me up. I need bumper stickerz!
8692 7388 4215 6793

Err… vouchers are just those token things you get from scanning and killing stuff right? Cuz I got tons of them.

How about you Edit the first post, and add everybody’s code to that.


By the way, I have the money for MP3 now, but it’s out of stock everywhere. I hear they’re getting shipments tommorow (though I can’t get it tommorow), so hopefuly they’ll still have some on Wednesday.

Sorry I’ve been gone this weekend.
adds everyone

4926 4242 7310 4470
It has 4242 in it.

I have everybody’s name and friend code written on a blank sheet of paper that I just tossed downstairs next to the Wiimotes, so hopefully I’ll add you all soon. I tend to have a problem with forgetting to add people’s codes, though. >_>

Compilation post:
Antidote: 8285-8615-5778-4571


Redhalberd: 7008-2113-2957-2539

s123i68: 2560-2999-4611-8675

SNIPER: 8692-7388-4215-6793

Troid92: 4926-4242-7310-4470

For the record, I also have added everyone’s friend code to my wii. Once again, message me for voucher trade. Currently, I have 19 vouchers.


Anyway, I don’t have my Wii availible, so I haven’t entered any friends code, but I should be getting the game after school today. : )

Of course unless it sells out before school ends.

BTW, everyone, I’m going to be sending you guys friend vouchers today. If you get one, please try to send me one back. I’m working on getting some of the bonus gallerys.

I want to trade F vouchers anyone interested in becoming friends :sunglasses: .
Pm me for my wii Friend code

pm me for my code so i know who i’m gonna add :sunglasses:

It’s easier to just add everyone and ask them to add you. That way you’re guaranteed to get someone. : )

i guess i’ll do that then

heres my code:

7194 7070 9750 4570