Wii consoles Sold

2,067,530 wii consoles has been sold!

thats alot when it only came out about 6 weeks ago!


GO WII! GO NINTENDO! :smiley:>

Daz ma pwn you for “blatant unbacked fanboyism” ya know.

its already sold more than ps3… but, of course, as we all know, ps3s suck.

But the 360 is still winning beacause they had a huge head start!

And the ps3 those suck


when will sony fans realise that ps3 is the same as the last one, only slightly better graphics, and a remote thats basically the ps2’s with different shape.
whoever created ps3 was probably thinkin somethin like:


it is different than ps2, and by that more cheaply designed (it looks like a george forman grill) with stolen ideas, e.g motion sensing, if they still put that in. that price tag might have been what really fucked up the sales. five hundred dollars for a graphicaly improved ps2? wouldnt dare.

ps3 had powerful hardrives.it is the most powerful console yet.

yes, but they forgot simple things that made the whole console worse as a whole. as in, they put a vent on the side, that, if you decide to lay the machine horizontally, will be covered. then they explode :smiling_imp:

or… so ive heard.

LOL. hope that happens, it would probably get banned.

sony must be on drugs.

they probably are. 500 dollars for an unoriginal, badly designed machine? what were you thinking sony?

anyway, back on topic.

The Xbox is a really popular machine. It’s going to take a lot to beat it in sales. Even so, go Nintendo!

Yes, I decided to make a grammarically correct sentence for once!

Seriously though, Sony forfeited the lead when it made the PS3. It had control over the home console market, but got greedy. Seriously, NOBODY needs a blu-ray DVD. Blue ray wont be standard for ages, more less HD. If it didnt have that, It would cost less, and selll more. It probably still couldnt match the Wii, but I still REALLY why they included it.

Blu-ray is seriously gonna fail for one reason HDDVD costs less and it doesn’t need some fancy new player whereas blu-ray does. On topic PS3 still has crappy sales rating and yet good luck getting one before next year :smiling_imp: Mwuhahahahahaaaaaaa!!!

but there is something that hits really hard…

Devil May cry
Final Fantasy XIII
Kingdom Hearts 3

all the three will be released to PS3, and, for me, this is a really hard hit, cuz i love the 2 Square games (FF 13 and KH 3)…

PS3 is like using a super charged Dell XPS to play Tetris. It has so much power that they have to sell it for $500-600, and yet they still lose money with each sold. They don’t have the technology for tomorrow, they have the technology for the day after tomorrow.

personally, i dont care hell about graphics, so ps3 is basically just pointless.

Yeah, they’ve got good games, but at the same time, they have a bad machine.
It’s pretty much the opposite of the Wii, actually.
Wii: Awesome machine, not really any good games (except the obvious - Zelda)
PS3: Goodish machine with a price tag that pretty much destroys any chance of anyone considering it better than… well, any other console ever released. Except like the N-Gage or something. People CAN’T buy it, so there’s nothing to be gained by making them want it really really bad.
I guess I’ll talk about the 360: Good machine, nothing original, but has some good games, some good graphics, and you can actually buy it.

i really like the ps3, and love better graphics, not only that, but i think that the ps3 does have some really good series in it, and more than nintendo at many points in the year, however, i REALLY dont want to pay that much for one, it would blow most of my money.

…though it would be really really shiny even without games yet…

sigh …so…so…shiny…

ha, there the PS3 is “only” 600 bucks

here in brasil it is more than 4,000 bucks!

wii is coming by 2,500 bucks

soo, if there, you guys can’t buy, imagine here…