wifi for ds

im planning on selling my dad my hard drive so i will have enough money for a ds… (if i do this mom will pay for MPH :smiley:> )

and, i was just wondering, do you have to buy some special modual or pay per month with the DS wifi?

no, its free! :smiley:


But you need a router or a broadband connection and the USB Adapter.

yes i have a router… how much are the usb adapters?

You don’t need the usb adapter all you need is a router that can go online.The usb adapter is for people who don’t have routers.

um…i know it is off topic, but where is that metroid from? (not larva)

and yes…it is true…you dont need adap. to play.

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nope its totally awesomely free

if you have a WIRELESS router, you’re set. Otherwise, go to Target/Walmart, and they should have a USB adapter near the nintendo stuff.

oh sweet so the bluetooth just connects wirelessly with the router? awsome! (and, yes i do have a wireless router)