:smiley:> When playing online line I thought it was a moment to remember. But when battling a level 5 if you where close to him you where a goner.

What do you think about the Wi-fi?

Ok… online line? WTF? Can you be more clearer?
(BTW I’m a Metroid as of this post :slight_smile: )

im gonna be straight foward. i have no idea what your saying.

Dude, please be specific. Your topic doesnt target anything specific.

What game?
What system?

Luckily, i know your talking about MPH. But you added absolutely no details to stimulate conversation.

What hunter was he??
What arena??

Please give some details, and title the thread accurately.

hes new, he doun’t sound like another chester or tracelator (i didn’t mean to target like that…i know its wrong) but i understand now…uhm my first time was at a baseballl game i was in the parking lot and got internet service and next time me and my friends all went and brought our ds’s…i was kanden

My first time I was at Mickey D’s during a band trip. I’ve played a couple times since then, but not lately. I dont really play my DS anymore (this will change when phanton hourglass comes out).

Sorry I forgot to add something, the game was metroid prime hunters.

Lol. No shit. Read previous posts

you CAN edit posts, you kow that right?

if this is about the wi-fi for the DS, i think we already have a topic for that >.>

Yeah, that’s what i was getting at.

And yes, pomegranate is right, we already have a topic for this.


…Oh, forgot. Im not a mod