Why use Lol, Rofl, or Lmao?

I have done some thinking, and was curious of the reason why people use lol, rofl, or lmao, when they are usually not even laughing? In most cases, I have found that people rarely laugh at something, they use these abbreviations to acknowledge the humor in another persons dialogue. What are your coments?

This is an interesting topic. Your points are good, as those are phrases used commonly, and I doubt many were laughing. Those abbreviations have been overused, and are quite irritating to see over and over. Basically they exist to emphasize the incredible laziness of people online, as most find it too difficult to simply say something was found humorous.

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They are just a general way to express varying level s of amusement.

Instead of, Hah! Lol is used.

Instead of HAHAHA! Lmao, or Rofl are used.

To express extreme amusment, I’ve seen:

I really dont think I translated them properly, but you get the idea. Saying Hahah, or laughs doesnt get the same effect.

There are 2 main reasons that I use expressions like “lol” and “rolf” when I don’t actually laugh out loud nor roll on the floor laughing.

  1. It’s really hard to say laughing through text. My smallest laugh is a quiet exhale through the nose and a half-smile. How do I say that through text? “Hffhffhff”? I could just say “ha ha”, but generally “ha ha”'s in real life would be more like “WAH HWA HWA HWA HWA!”, which isn’t what I did (plus reason #2). I could just say nothing, or “>_>”, but the person I’m supposed to be laughing with might not understand that I’m trying to tell them that I just sort of laughed. The “lol” expression is overused so much nowadays that it describes well enough that I sort of laughed a little. Well, okay, it doesn’t at all, but I use it rarely enough that if you know me it does. <_<;

  2. Sarcasm can be pretty hard to detect through text, so using “ha ha” isn’t a good idea unless you love messing with miscommunication. All the internet slang expressions for laughing are rarely sarcastic, and it’s easy to tell when they are since they’re so exaggerated.

So, in conclusion, don’t say “ha ha”. It makes you look stupid. Hffhffhffhffhff.

Yeah, just Ignore what I said. That’s about right.

Um… ok.

It depends on the person you talk to. I think with “lol” you have an excuse to say something when there’s nothing to be said. That’s why it pops up so often in conversations with people that don’t want to each other, or rather dim people that can’t think of anything else to say. While it might occasionally mean “I am laughing right now.” I have never seen the point of saying “that is so funny that I am laughing” instead of saying “hahah” in real life, so I always “hahah” in real life, and I always “hahah” online. Well, I usually just “haha” but that’s just me. The problem with “lol” is it’s not even a word; it’s a filler syllable, like “um” or “ok” is in real life. Yes, you can use those words to mean something, but usually they’re just there to show that you are listening, or that you don’t know what to say, or something that isn’t “yes, I agree” or “that is really funny” or “I am thinking and/or confused”.

lol I dunno if what I wrote there makes sense.

Yeah, it’s all subjective, which is why I used first-person through most of my post. I know some people that have replaced their space bar and several letter keys with “lol buttons”, and others that never use any internet slang.

You did not add an apostrophe to define that it is the person’s dialogue, you moron! God, you all must be five years old judging by your poor use of grammer!

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Rolling on floor laughing out loud my ass of?

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Yep, Grammatical Gerbil is completely insane. How sad. He got banned for trying to coreect people’s grammar…sure he went a little overboard…but it was a noble goal! Anyways, it is funny that he mispelled “Grammer” but the real question is…did he intend to do that? Either way, a piece of probably one of the fastest banned members ever shall always stay with us, with that sig. Also, why can’t people say “That was funny!” rather than go “ROFLOLMAO!?” By the way, Timaster, if the Gerbil was still here, he’d bite your head off for that post.

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Anyway, the only reason I wrote “ROFLOLMAO” is to be pseudo on-topic.
Which brings me to the next question:
I know people say LMAO and LOL and ROFL… but how many people use LOLMAO or ROFLOL to actually mean “that’s funny”? I’ve only ever seen people use those sarcastically…

I have seen some people use those abreviations before, but not very often. But I believe the reason why they don’t say that is because if they want to say something is funny, they want to just say something short like “LOL”. But saying “LOLMAO” and/or “ROFLOL” is to complicated for most people, and only want to say it when it really is that humorous.

Now I have another question. Why is it that people online swear way to much and when it is unnecessary?

probably because they are little kids who want people to think they’re all grown up and can swear whenever they want…

my dad hates bad words, so when i’m playing online games, I’m always aware of what people are posting just in case he’s standing over my shoulder.

personally, i swear when some douchbag is frustrating me/making me mad most of the time. i really dont swear that much at other times.

every once in awhile i swear to add expression to the flat text.

runs away
But seriously would you want to type HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA or lol?

I do use “lol” alot when I’m talking to friends on MSN, but rarely
do I actually even laugh. In fact, if you see me posting “lol” and
can actually see my expression you would think I’m being sarcastic.
I post it to make the person telling the joke think that it wasn’t
a terrible failure in humor, so I say “lol” insted of telling them that
their joke infact was not funny and did not humor me in any way at all.

But sometimes I do laugh slightly when I post “lofl” or whatever.

Right damn I sure am glad he is banned.
On topic:
Lol and rolf are easier to write than “hahahahahahahahahahaha”.