Why do you make fan games?

Yeah, well why do you make fangames, any reason, or for the fun of it, or is it something to do on your free time? Why? My freind says there is absolutly no point, prove him wrong!

My personal reasons? Alright.

Firstly: Samus rocks. I’m a spriter. I began spriting Samus one day and thought, “I could make a game with these.” So I sought out a programmer, wrote a story, and voila.

Secondly: I’m a writer. Every game, movie, or book I play/see/read, I’ll come up with something outside of the official story, and think, “that could be a game.” This is also my reason for writing.

Thirdly: It’s fun. A great way to meet talented people, get your name around the 'net, and just have a good time.

I do this for fun,and the third thing that -058- said

well, let’s see…
1.) It’s just plain fun
2.) It’s sooooo much fun to edit a flyer so you are flying a hamburger and shooting fries, or ketchup, etc, etc, etc.
3.) It’s the way I plan on making money in 8-15 years. Obviously not with game maker, but still…
4.) If you don’t like something in a game, you can re-make it, and add twenty thousand zillion features. like… Super Metroid with a beam sword. Which would be wierd, but hey, it’s my friends idea, not mine.
5.) Who can deny a psycho pacman? (probably the funniest game I’ve made with game maker. I made it about 3 years ago. smacman… alright, never speak of this again.)

the end.

Dito above. I use a pizza shooting pepperoni but … thats the only difference from the above statement … lol!